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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

Ambitious as ever, I'm really starting to think about next year...

5. Increase my google ranking. Even if achieving that means giving up on listening to Britney Spears & Jessica Simpson while writing in the nude.

4. Worry less about what David Foster Wallace thinks about me. Although in his latest book of essays, 'Consider the Lobster' he does write:

"It should be conceded that there is at least one real and refreshing journalistic advantage that BLOGGERS,fringe-calbe newsmen, and most talk radio hosts have over the mainstream media: They are neither the friends nor the peers of the the public officials they cover."

He said Bloggers! I'm a Blogger!

3. Learn how to use A<>D HTML$$%<>+-

2. Grow my hair out. Or die trying.

1. Write Seven Novels, Direct a Blockbuster film, Develop a Grand Unification Theory, Drop Ten Pounds, Learn Sanskirt, Get Drafted by the NFL, Earn the Title of Grandmaster in Chess, Write three volumes of poetry & learn how to whistle.

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