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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Chipotle Award Dinner

A Kindly Old Lady took pictures of the Big Winner. Curtis had a really good time. I was pissed someone actually claimed the prize.

The damage done by our contest winner. The man eventually even ate the foil. This isn't really about the picture, but learning to do picture lay outs is harder than you would think. Isn't it cool, how I'm doing the whole left-right-left layout. I rock.

I told him, I would by him chips, whatever. But he kept eating all of my food.
Sorry the picture isn't good but 1) A UFO was shining it's bright light on our table, and 2) The Old Lady didn't seem to know how to operate a camera.

Curtis partook of Chipotle's famous 'Gallon O' Margarita' After his second, he found me very entertaining.

Nothing got him laughing, like my dad's favorite joke: Jingling Keys.

Post Script: Just Something to Think About

That could have been you in these pictures. If you had guessed correctly. Or if you had started your own blog and ran an awesome contest, that you almost came up with by yourself.

But it wasn't. Maybe next time. Chin up, you big loser.

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