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Friday, November 11, 2005

SPECIAL FEATURE: HOW TO GO TO A ROCK SHOW (Part II of II) The Most Rockin Rock Coverage Ever (Part V of V)

Obviously going to a rock show isn’t going to make all of your problems go away. But most of them will disappear.

To succeed at a rock concert is very much like succeeding in life: ninety five percent of it is just showing up.

Basically, if you followed my directions yesterday you should be in good shape. But if you still need an extra boost allow me to make a recommendations:
Get in the mood by listening to a Rock C.D.

A. For Example the Doors

B. Phil Collins

C. Anna Karenina (Available from books on tape. Not technically a rock CD, but Tolstoy does rock metaphorically speaking.)

Consider another element of my own personal story. At the end of the night. ****** said, “Well, I kind of had a good time.”


You too can kind of have a kind of good time, if you follow my simple guide.

So concludes the most rockin rock coverage ever.


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