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Thursday, November 10, 2005

SPECIAL FEATURE: HOW TO GO TO A ROCK SHOW (Part I of II) in The Most Rockin Rock Coverage Ever (Part IV of V)

So, you are probably like, a rock show sounds like fun? Can I go?

Yes, you can. Let me show you how.

The first thing is to stop doubting yourself. Even if you are a big loser (I.E. unpublished, but talented) you can still get into a show. So what if you are a loser. Rock is all about the underdog—the kid who has written for Mcsweeneys.net, Opiummagazine.com, Science Creative Quarterly and several others, but no, no, doesn’t have a book YET. You are welcome to come and rock, even if you suck in the rest of life.

Plus, I was watching Sideways the other day. It's about a writer who struggles with his unpublished writer status. So remember you are not alone.

Second, find a date. This is virtually impossible if you suck, but give it a try. Wanna know something? I got turned down by no less than 12 people. But who cares? Those people are all dead, or will be very soon.

I don’t sit around thinking why did Curtis & Jessie, Kate, Monica, Camisa, Bethany, Avril Lavigne and several others turn me down or laugh in my face, or in once case actually spit on me before turning me down.(What up Avril!)

All that matters is that *******decided to go (She asked that I not use her name because, She doesn’t want to be identified with my in any way after my crowd surfing ‘incident’)

Once you have started believing in yourself and found a date you are well on your way to enjoying a rock show. Join us tomorrow when we will show you how to keep on rockin' in the free world.

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