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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The One I’m Waiting For: The Most Rockin Rock Coverage Ever (Part III of V)

After MxPx demonstrated what an un-energetic slouch I am, Reliant K was up. And for an hour I forgot about the unbearable pain, the melancholic cloud, that is my life.

I knew most of the songs they played. One punk next to me kept yelling, ‘Play the Pirate Song.’ I don’t know exactly what that means. Thinking they were taking requests, I started yelling “Play the National Anthem”

They didn’t.

But that’s o.k. I went to the show to see Dave (the drummer). Basically, the only time I had seen Dave (the drummer) play was on MTV (a station that plays music videos). I assumed that the videos used computer generated effects to give the illusion of someone beating the drums so quickly and violently. I’m a pretty good drummer but I couldn’t play that forcefully for more then say 34 seconds.

Anyway, it turns out that Dave really is that fast.

Unless of course they were using special effects at the concert. Since I watched most of the concert on the monitors, it could have been special effects. I wasn’t that far from the stage, but I just love to watch T.V.

Aside from Dave, their were some other people, I guess…

The lead singer, at one point said, “I know its kind of late for you, thanks for staying up.’ (not an exact quote, but pretty close.)
While an outsider might have thought he was talking to one of the teens in the front, him and I know that he was talking to me. He said this at like 10:30 which was way past my bedtime.

I laughed and laughed at his remark.

Then I went to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Just to clarify: Reliant K is the car. Relient K is the band. Which one did you see? ;)