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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Long Titles Stink: Volume 1.

Why don’t I smile in my pictures?

No one ever asks the Mona Lisa that. No one ever asks the Gorbachev that. But they ask the Justin that.

Well, maybe it is because I have a lot on my mind.

This is not my fault, but the fault of a book.

I really try to avoid reading whenever it is possible. My own feeling is that reading is for losers. Sometimes I slip.

I’d like to discuss one such instance.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a book with a very shiny cover and lots of red. This Book is called, "The World Was Going Our Way: The KGB and the Battle for the Third World."

It is a very interesting look at how intelligence agencies influenced the world, especially during the Cold War.

At first I was let down, because I didn’t feel the books pages were as shiny as the cover.

But the book still interested me. Russia and communism and stuff has always fascinated me, largely because of how much I love Russian Literature, Film and Music.

If you're nice to me, I'll tell you more about it. But as you can imagine, I won't be smiling.


Anonymous said...

Shut up!

Shut Doesn't Go Up said...

Will Do!

Thanks for your contribution!

Stop Hatin.

катя said...

да, спасибо!

Justin said...


Can you believe Anthony Briggs new translation of War and Peace is almost out. I can't wait.


P.S. Let's keep the Cyrillic characters on the DL, unless you are willing to teach everyone Russian.

Anonymous said...

War and Peace. Hmmm. Isn't that J.K. Rowling's lastest novel?
51 cent aka Tony

Ryan D.oily. said...

I think not smiling in pictures is a racial thing.
Though I can't back that up too strongly. And I'm not racist (a racist?). If really tried to back it up I would most definitely sound racist. So you'll just have to take it for the truth that it is.

just normal greek-alphabet kati said...

woah, i totally got chastised! i feel like i should be slinking away with my tail between my legs or something...oh dear....

Justin said...


Hey, no chastisment from me. But greek? The charaters hardly seem recongizable to me.

Bought time you left a comment. I was about to fold up shop.


Justin said...

I knew there were factors at work, beyond me, which prevented the smile.

I believe much more will be made of your remark, shortly.