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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Long Titles Stink: Volume 2

Since the title isn't descriptive at all, the main topic of this post will be a continued look at the, "World Was Going Our Way."

The context for this book is a man named Vasili Mitrokhin smuggled out thousands of KGB documents, which was hailed by the FBI as, "the most complete and extensive intelligence ever achieved from any source."

Thousands of documents that detail the KGB's activities were smuggled out by Vasili and put on his website,iKGB. Each of these critical documents can be bought for $0.99. The author Christopher Andrews, downloaded a bunch of them and wrote this book.

If you read this book you will learn many interesting facts such as:

**The most extensive intelligence project undertaken by the KGB was called project RYAN. It was an attempt to uncover the details of the (non-existant) plan of the United States to launch a first strike nuclear attack.

**The KGB operated in countries outside of the United States, AND THERE ARE LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF SUCH COUNTRIES!

Just a sampling:

But I don't want to give everything away. If you read the book, you'll find lots of other countries!

This book is nearly six hundred pages, so if you want to find out more I recommend you tune in tomorrow when conceptofirony will pick up with lots more information--hopefully before Andrew's lunchtime.

This post is dedicated to everyone who wrote into the complaints department. (See comment from Monday's post. And sorry to whoever left the comments. I thought I figured it out, but than I recieved angry comments from the alleged commentators.)


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