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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Not Even Exaggerating

I don’t mean to be overly dramatic, but today was probably the best day of my life. Did anyone read the comments below? Conan O'Brien thinks I'm funny. I think this is a major break through for conceptofirony.

You see I honestly didn't post that remark. I devote half of my time to writing blog entries, the other half to leaving remarks. To recieve a comment from anyone who isn't me is kind of shocking. And to have recieved one from O'Brien made my weekend. It makes me think I should be encouraging others to write the remarks, rather than doing it all myself.

The real reason I write most of the comments myself is that I get emails each time someone leaves a comment. The way my blog is set up if a comment is left, I receive an email from whoever it is @blogger. So I realized that I could get emails from “Yo Mamma.” And that makes me real happy to see emails from yo momma in my inbox.

Now tell Yo Momma to stop writing, asking if I want to collaborate on a Blog or novel. I don't.

Yo Momma is so dumb she keeps thinking I want to collaborate with her on some kind of artistic project. But I don’t. Yo momma doesn’t have some kind of learning disability does she? Cause I didn’t mean to come down so hard on her. Sometimes I judge Yo Mamma hard, but I always judge myself harder.

Hey I saw Yo Mamma the other day. Has she lost weight? Anyway, she looks great. Tell her I said Hi.

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Rachel said...

This one is sooooooooo funny. I had more "o's" so you'll know how funny it is.