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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Contains Foreign Film Spoilers

I have been waiting for years to see 8& ½ on the Silver Screen. Tonight, 7:00. My dreams shall come true.

8& ½ is a beautifully shot, subtle exploration of the creative process and the deeply humane nature of art.

Plot Synopsis: Captain du Gard is a traveler from outerspace and the future who has landed on earth. Some of his shipmates are dead, while others have transformed into some kind smooshy blog. While Captain du Gard is happy that earth people treat him as a king, he doesn’t have the one thing he wants: True Love. So he goes in search of a car that can take him back to the future. But than he wakes up and it is all a dream.

Anyway. I am seeing it at the Cleveland Cinematheque. My hope is that I will be surrounded with Fellini Aficionados. That way watching it on the big screen will undo all of the damage done to my soul by watching it with my classes—classes who hate it with the better part of their energies.


Anonymous said...

Justin, Inc.,

Are all of your posts ironic? Maybe more people would read them if you wrote about your fantasy football picks instead. Or if your posts were funnier, that would help too.

Timmy said...

Yeah, no one ever reads your blog.

thecleveland association said...

Just wanted to drop a note and say no one ever reads your blog.
Thanks and good luck.

Former U.S.S.R. said...

We do not know about your hemisphere, but here no one reads you. The time with you, thanks. Yes?

Go Packers said...

I heard you have fantasy football picks. Any thoughts on whether I should sit Brett Favre this week?

Alvin from Brooklyn said...

Blog god of football:
I'm getting a little concerned with the lack of production from Tony Gonzalez. He was one of my high draft picks along with Kevin Jones and Corey Dillon. Do you see Gonzalez's production picking up soon, or is the Chiefs' running game and Trent Green's decisions to look more at Eddie Kennison going to hurt him all season?

Joe from Bridgeport said...

Dr. Football:
Am I the only one who thinks that Shaun Alexander of the Seahawks is a bit of a 'soft' runner?

Ted said...

Professor Pigskin:
I've got Drew Bledsoe on my bench and Manning is not posting the numbers! Week 4, I actually benched him for Bledsoe, yes, he had 4 TD's and 264 yards, in my league that 35 pts to Bledsoe's 12. This week I thought I'd learned the error of my ways and put Payton back in the drivers seat, and I was rewarded with 12 freakin points while Bledsoe sits on my bench with 31 pts. Suggestions?

I don't think this makes a diff, but here's my team:

QB - Payton Manning
RB - Lamont Jordan
RB - Stephen Davis
RB/WR - Warrick Dunn
WR - Tory Holt
WR - Steve Smith
TE - Jeremy Shockey
K - John Kasey
Def - Tampa Bay Bucs

Drew Bledsoe
Joey Galloway
Robert Furguson
Joe Jurevicius
Willy Parker
Tennessee Titans

I think this is the strongest team in the league, even though I sit at a solid #2. Seriously, I'm not looking for a pat on the back, I know I've done well, I am looking for a direction for my QB situation.