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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hey Tony, Dave, Margot, &Rachel

Thanks for reading by blog still. I feel like its going pretty well. Don't you? Well a couple of posts ago I said something amazing happened. (And it did.) But that I wanted to write about it when I had more time. That post will be coming up any day now.
But for now, I simply wanted to address a suggestion made. Anonymous T. suggested that I offer 'Harry Potter Books' as a prize for those who take the time to write me (such as the brilliant, thought at time critical, letter written by Bob.)
Well, that is an outstanding suggestion and I'm going to stand behind it one hundred percent.
However instead of 'Harry Potter' I'm going to be giving away 'monkeybicycle' and instead of 'books' I'm going to be giving away 'shirts.'
{conceptofirony is still working out financial considerations. We lack the shirt budget of many leading construction companies.)
Just read this story--don't worry,not mine--and imagine how proud you would be to wear the Monkey Bicycle Logo.


Aristophanes said...

I have been a faithful reader, since day one. But clearly you don't care about me. If you continue to address your other four readers, but not me, I am afraid that I'm going to have to ask for a refund.

Anonymous said...

I too have read your blog since day one and do not appreciate being neglected. I'm afraid if you continue to do that i'm going to have to tell mom!!!!!

Euripides said...

I too am a faithful reader of your blog. I was sad and sorry that you didn't mention me.

I will drown my sorrows in a glass of hemlock.

Oh wait, that's Socrates...