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Monday, October 03, 2005

A Very Special Birthday Wish

Conceptofirony is taking the day off, from our rigorous blogging to celebrate our friend's birthday. In line with suggestions I have recieved, I am trying to keep this blog vague enough so as to not encourage stalkers or people who make fun of other people's Birthday.
So Conceptofirony wants to wish a very special Birthday Wish to_______________. Happy _ _ _! No, I joke. There aren't three digits. Just two. Happy_ _! Which isn't that old if you think about it. I mean you clearly have at least _ _ years left. O.K., let's be realistic. You have a solid_years left. And to think at the tender age of _ _ you have already read Infinite Jest. Bravo. May you have another _ _ (x 10)years. I know that amounts to _ _ _ which is a long time. But give me a break, I'm just trying to wish you a sincere, happy birthday.
I hope this day is v_ery s_e_cial and that all of your dreams come true. Especially the one about the______ _______ dancing_________exploding_______ and then the cow_________ ________ ________ with three eyes! (Granted, the realization of your dreams would mean almost_____disaster for the rest of us.)
Happy Birthday________,and many more.

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silent T said...

thanks for not revelaing my age :)