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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Book Review Week: "When You Are Engulfed in Flames" by David Sedaris

Unlike Dave Sedaris' other books, this one is inscribed to my father. As a struggling writer, it is is nice to hear what already established authors, especially ones I personally value,have to say.

Because with all of the insecurities, all the doubts, all of the difficulties that are unique to being an author, one does often wake up in the middle of the night wondering, "But is my father enchanting?"

For Further Reading on How Great Authors have Reacted to Justin Please See:

Garrison Keilor.

Dave Barry.


Christina said...


RE: celery

Celery does not come "canned" per se, but you can cheat a smidge and buy pre-cut containers of it in the produce area of Zagara's or Whole Foods. I'm sure buying it from Whole Foods will make you feel more Wholesome, but Zagara's is probably cheaper, and it's celery.

One container = enough celery for the recipe.

Saving you some Effort,

Christina M. Znidarsic, Esq.

Justin said...

RE: Your Papal Account Will be the Deactivation!

Holy Cow, I guess I never looked because I allow myself no time to look either to the left or the right when shopping but simply grab what I can in five-ten minutes and get on out.

Thankfully my sister made me these huge thing of Mac n jac so I don't need to cook until at least thursday.
Justin, LSAT candidate

P.S. Why won't your blog show up on my blog roll? Are you doing something tricky with your blog.

Justin said...

Oh wait. Never mind.


Christina said...


Is your blog roll labeled "Good Country Folk?" If so, then I see my blog on it.

Blog roll. Now I'm hungry. Dammit!



Run Your Car On Water said...

The title of the book sounds interesting ,it has kept deep meaning it, I would definitely like to read this book.

Justin said...

run your car on water:
With respect to your name is it a They Might Be Giants song?

TMBG rules.


Justin said...

It comes and goes on my screen! I do see it now, but I thouht you might have been doing something tricky, that was preventing it from being show.


Lindz said...

Justin I Miss You!!

Jenn said...

How enchanting is your father, exactly? And when do we get to meet him?

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