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Sunday, March 02, 2008

In Which Justin Is Once Again Punished by the Universe For Being Virtuous.

I have some amazing posts for you guys. Unfortunately they all require the use of my camera.

But my camera requires batteries.

And here is the kicker: Because I love mother earth more than my own life, I buy rechargeable batteries. But here is what those tree huggers in the battery industry don't tell you: The battery recharger is very hard to keep track of.

I could have sworn it was in my home office, near the dart board. But it isn't: Neither is it behind the toilet tank, or in the dishwasher. I have no idea where else it could be.

So I am going to go out and buy me some batteries. And then I am going to dump them in the river, just to make the point to mother nature.

And then I am going to buy more batteries, load up my camera, and post some of the most amazing, mother earth-shattering posts ever.


maleah said...

You can't fool Mother Nature. And if you tried, she would stick your batteries in a tub of margarine.

Justin said...


Is Margarine, the same thing as I can't believe it's not butter? I get confused. Because once I told my sister that I used that stuff instead of margarine, and she hit me with a heavy book by Rachel Ray.


Justin said...

Point being I should check there when I get home. And also now I have three comments. I'm back on top.


Anonymous said...

You need a battery charger with a remote, one that has a Find Me button. PS, dont lose the remote.

Justin said...

I will share the nobel prize with you--since basially when it is awarded to me, they will announce that it is for Justin and Anony, and everyone will think that is just me being humble. And in a way that is true, although I think the remot thing is a really good idea.

P.S. Also what would the remote do, besides "find me"? Fast Forward? Because then it doesn't seem like such a good idea.

Night Stranger said...

You think you got troubles. I can't even find my camera.

But I do have lots of batteries and the charger.

Justin said...

I admit my problems are minimal, but I feel like I'm only really making an effort when I am playing the pity card.


Night Stranger said...

Yeah, Justin. Right.

But can you tell my where to find my camera?

Lindsey said...

All I can say is that I am disappointed in you once again. Where did you throw the batteries??