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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Unapologetic Reception of Sly Kahn.

News of my 38th Triumphant Return is Everywhere. This is as it should be. But it has also made think hard, about how much better than my triumphant returns--at least when compared with the body building mentally deficient set.

Virtually everyone I know has seen the most recent Stallone films. And most everyone I know, begins by admitting that they saw Rocky XVI or Rambo VXIII with a profuse apology,

"No, I know, but I grew up on those movies..."


"I have always displayed a propensity for making poor life choices, but it looked so good..."

But COI enthusiasts need no such apologies.

In fact, based on this week's reception they feel no need to comment in any sort of way.


Curtis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Comrade Kevin said...

Sorry Justin, I've been too busy watching American Gladiators. That Wolf guy, he howls like a wolf when he gets ready to compete! Haha!

Shannon said...

What embarrasses Leo about discussing his poop? Size? Color? Mass? Flavor?

I made a site. You can visit. Here is the link

Taihae said...

what did the deleted comment say? was it Leo? you fascist.

Justin said...

Oh, why must we fight(especially when as I have said before comment deleted is done by the poster, because when I delete a comment, I delete it real good and nothing is left) when you are always wrong?

Regards and Such,


Justin said...

Shannon, Please see an upcoming post to address all of your non-poop related concerns.


Justin said...

Comrade K,

You live more in a week, then most of us do in eight days.

But really I'm just flattering you to persuade you to guest blog again.