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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Crazy J's New Year's Sale.

If your new year's eve was anything like mine you are still recovering from the strong smell of cleaning chemicals and the repeated lifting of old boxes in the basement and attic.

But now you and I will both recover because I am pleased to offer you some amazing deep discount sales on some buried treasure I dug up.

It may be 2008, but you will feel like it is mid October in 2009 with this action max gaming system. Simply attach the receiver to your TV, throw in the videotape and repeatedly aim the (toy) gun at the attached receiver since that is the only thing that measures your accuracy. Minimum Bid: $300.00/$450.00 with the pictured carrying case.

In these unpatriotic times nothing will boost your spirits like "Ballads of the Green Beret" and other classics I found in a box.

Act now and I will throw in this bottle of stuff that was inexplicable lodged in between the records.

Wait, I'm crazy not stupid. I'd go bankrupt with those kinds of deals. but if you act now I will throw in a half roll of scotch tape.

Let the bidding begin at $5000 Patriotic dollas.

And have a very happy new year. Unless you don't bid on my hot sales--you lot can just bugger off.


Mr. Chaos (previously known as "MC") said...

My dear Freind, these days anyone can buy a fairly decent used car for $5000.

Seeing as I would much rather have a car, I am sorry to say I will not take you up on your wonderful offer.

Unless of Course you were willing to throw in that broken ShoJi Screen for free, and also if you could dig up that old Super Nintendo thats been haunting your basement, and make a decent deal on it, I might give you...oh say...$50 for it all!

How does it sound?

Anonymous said...

I sense a scam.

Justin said...

Mr. Chaos,

You have no doubt read, 'You Can Negotiate Anything.'

And so I am powerless to resist your counter-offer.

Please send $50.00 plus $68,039.23 for S&H to Me. I will have your package sent out there after.


Justin said...


Maybe at ebay, but never at COI. Your money is safe with me.


Mr. Chaos said...

Dear J,
I will pay no more than 50 cents for S&H.
If you need my mailing address, please e-mail me at


...and I will happily provide you with a valid address!

It's been a pleasure doing business with you Sir J!
Sincerely not-yours...

(P.S. Don't email me, as that account has been shut down due to the enormous amount of spam)

maleah said...

I see that the hidden message in your photo to some chick is, "Looking for the Right One." Uh, huh.


(not mc)
(although I could be)
(I mean, technically I am)

Justin said...

I should prefer that you not refer to her as 'Some Chick' but rather Beatrice, 'That Sun which first warmed my breast with love.'