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Monday, December 03, 2007

Q. Do The Ambitions of Justin Know No Bounds? A. No.

Contrary to my last post, I apparently will not get my AARP Card next year when I turn 30.

Realizing this has given me an entirely new lease on life.

The fact is that thanks to modern life enhancing technology AARP cards are not distributed until an individual's mid-30's. But I can't think that far ahead. That is why I am focusing on:

10,000 Things I would Like to Do Before I Turn 30.

#1 I would like to buy furniture that doesn't come with its own little wrenches.

Partly because I want something that feels more permanent, partly because I am really bad at using those little wrenches and mostly because I am worried that the environment will suffer greatly when I finally throw them out (The Fifth Quadrant doesn't recycle Allen Wrenches.)


maleah said...

A lot of men would like furniture that comes with wenches. Oh... wrenches. Never mind. No wonder I was confused.

Justin said...

Ha, you thought I said Beer. But I didn't.


Comrade Kevin said...

On the bright side, it looks like you took all those little wrenches and turned it into a folk art project. This could be your milieu!

Anonymous said...

Throwing them out won't make much of a difference, seeing as most of the stuff you throw out is very odd and VERYtoxic.

Jenn said...

Dropping by after a long time to say hi and see what I missed out on.

Justin is still Justin.

How comforting.

alecia said...

justinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i saw you today!

i told them to make your sandwich with love.


Justin said...

alvin and the chimpmonks,
You made my sandwhich. Were you talking to yourself?

Also, are you sure your not anonymous?

I find it hard to believe you really abandon my blog for so long.


Justin said...

Good to see you jen.And thanks:

"It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation"


Justin said...

Are you sure you aren't alvin and the chimpmonks?

And also, have you been digging through my trash?


Justin said...

Comrade K,
I can't weight until I have my own milieu.

I'm going to totally wage war on other milieus.

And when people try to come on my mileu, I'm going to send them to a special prison and no one is going to be able to rescue them because I'm going to have a military mileu, where virtually no one can so much as pick their nose without my knowledge.

But you can hang out any time you want.


Anonymous said...

Well, I was digging through something...

and no, I am not Arthur and the Crackmonks

Justin said...


Perhaps a particularly rocky patch of ground?

P.S. Compromise: And the Crackmints

MC said...

No, I am NOT "Compromise and the crackmints"

I was anonymous until now.