With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Justin: Greater Than the Beasts, Slightly Lower Than the Angels.

After hours of crying over Ingy, I decided that I must rejoin the real world. So I went to the library and picked up dozens of movies to watch. One of them was to have a momentous impact on my life. I picked up Grizzly Man, thinking it was going to be a horror flick. It turned out to be a documentary about a man who lived among bears.

I was so moved by the desire to return to nature that I packed up 7 of my sturdiest suitcases and sought to live at peace with, but also to have complete domination over, some small part of nature.

For the past two weeks I have lived amongst a pack of Wild Onions. In living with them I have learned to accept a very primitive side of my nature: For example, photosynthesis.

But it is time for me to return to civilization. I have exhausted the mysteries of nature and now I must once more return to my probing the mysteries of humanity.

I thank you dearest readers, for not leaving me, and beg your patience while I bathe myself in preparation for a return to city life.


Finding Fair Hope said...

Err..r..did you watch the movie long enough to find out what happened to the grizzly man? Have you considered what those onions might be plotting?

maleah said...

Gasp! (please now picture me running with joy in a field of daisies... or wild onions... whatever). You've returned!

I do have a funny story about wild onions, but, well, it's not THAT funny. But it's relative. I mean, it's about wild onions at least.

Oh, I'm just blabbing on. I'm so excited you're back.

Jenn said...

Justin is back!!!!!

And he left us for photosynthesis????

Irony, or what?

Frank said...

I'm speachless. Justin Returns!
But how....?
I've spent a fortnight in withdrawal siezures - because you were getting in touch with your inner onion?

Comrade Kevin said...

Justin, If you notice in the next couple days that you are being followed by strange men in trenchcoats with and radio headsets it is just because I hired a team of special investigators to hunt you down.

Unfortunately I lost their number so I don't know how to call it off. Just... keep your head low my friend.

Susan Miller said...

Well....it's about time you returned!

Finding Fair Hope said...

Hmmm...looks to me like he's not really back. Must have been an imposter.

Too_Lively said...

What could Justin be up to? This lack of posting is mysterious indeed.

Justin said...

2 lively,

I have been busy reading The Master and Margarita, on your suggestion.

O.K. not reading, but watching the 10 hour miniseries version.


Justin said...


I have family members who commmunicate with me less then you do.

Not that I'm compmlaining.


Justin said...

susan miller,

I was always with you in spirit.


Justin said...

Comrade K,
I appreciate your concern. While I am not bothered by them following me around, I would appreciate it if they would keep their trench coats buttoned.


Justin said...


I am revising my financial outlook for '08 when I start charging per post.


Justin said...


But our relationship is the stronger for it.


Justin said...


The difference is, I always managed to stay one step ahead of the onions. Even while sitting.

maleah said...

Hey, what am I, chopped liver? or cloaked? or what?

Justin said...


On the one hand, oops.

On the other hand, so that's why my readers disappear.


maleah said...

Yeah, the cloaking.

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