With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chateau D'uh Justin.

The hours of working in my yard are finally paying off. My vineyards are blossoming.

My sophisticated, yet hardly arrogant readers, are no doubt aware of this fact: the finest wines in France are organized according to various appellations.

An appellation is a geographical region monitored by a very strict set of rules to guarantee the highest quality. The rule books often run to hundreds of pages. Aside from keeping quality up the appellation system is frequently behind the extraordinarily high prices of wine.

This method has not been successfully duplicated in the United States.

Until now.

I have started the Cleveland Heights' United Quadrants Appellation. It is going to be much better than Bordeaux and all those other soon to be second raters.

Right now, my appellation has just two rules:

1) You have to win a spiderman from a Grab-a-Prize machine and display it in your vineyard.

2) You have to promise to be my best friend forever (bff

Those who join me will certainly be clinking glasses, to our extremely marked up success, in the near future.


maleah said...

I saw an appellation once. Scared me to death!

aleciaaaaa said...

i saw justin today for the first time in months. scared me to death!

Mary Lois said...

Is that Justin hanging upside down in the middle of his appellation? Or is that his appellation hanging down? Quick, somebody, pass the wine!

alecia said...


"hi i like popcorn. i'm going to eat it straight for 2 hours! this bag is practically attached to my face! i only take a break from chowing on popcorn like it is oxygen to drink water and laugh at funny jokes like 'stupid pollack'. ok the movie is over now and no more popcorn i will eat ice bye!"

Justin said...

I believe you have confused the word appellation with 'Cootie Monster.' The second is scary, the first soothing.


Justin said...

art museum,
That doesn't mean you should take the law into your own hands. Let the cops get involved, if you feel force is necessary.


Justin said...

finding fair hope,

Wine grown in my apparition is not meant to be passed quickly, but lovingly grown, gentlty stored, and then in a thousand years, soulfully gulped.


Justin said...

abominable snowman,
Fact. I don't know why you think that is an o.k. way to act in public but I find it kind of disconcerting.

A sad, sad, fact.