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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tolstoy and I.

Pop Quiz:Is the following picture of the great novelist Leo Tolstoy or the Great Blogger Justin Kahn?

If you are like most people your answer is "I dunno." And that's O.K. Tolstoy and I are nearly indistinguishable in many respects. But today I want to highlight one particular similarity:our attitude towards physical labor.

Tolstoy frequently gave up writing to do the work of peasants. He believed that this was more natural and somehow more redeeming than thinking and writing.

I,too,sometimes need to swing the ol' level around rather than work on my haiku translation of Dante.

Actual peasants were frequently annoyed with him b/c he often slowed them down when working in the fields.

For the last week and a half, I have been working at least 4 hours a day around the house. On days when I don't have professional responsibilities, I spend as much as 9 hours fixing up the homestead. And this is what I have finally accomplished:

I finally put up my beer opener. That's it. I don't feel redeemed.

At least I don't have any peasants around to complain.


bitingblondewit said...

Corona? Really? I had you pegged as a lager man.

What kind of beer do you use in your world famous (or infamous) beer-bread?

goldennib said...

According to my husband, this one item make a home complete.

Blaux said...

Redemption is a process. By putting up the beer opener you have in effect built the temple. Next you must worship mindfully by opening beers, drinking them, and saving the bottles. After many months of worship you will be ready to make your pilgrimage to Michigan where you will, at last, find your redemption.

maleah said...

With tape?

Comrade Kevin said...

I can't believe you own a bottle opener. Real men open their beer by cracking the bottle neck against the edge of their counter and drinking from the broken shards.


Justin said...

Comrade K,

Believe me, I only use it when I have guests.

Chicks dig a sensitive guy.


Justin said...


Do you have a better idea, martha stinking stewart?


Justin said...


Though I am impressed with the rich and subtle theological system you have developed, in these parts it is unthinkable that redemption of any kind could be found in Michigan.


Justin said...

Perhaps your husband and I should pay Comrade K a visit.

If the K-Meister hasn't already beat himself to death opening a six pack.


Justin said...


The beer bread has been retired. What with mowing my lawn and everything.

But the opener actually works with any brand beer. So I'm not limited to just corona.