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Monday, June 11, 2007

Justin, Resident of Light.

Sometimes if there is nothing on television and I don't want to buy another box set of DVDs I will watch a good painting.

None ranks higher on my list than Thomas Kinkade.

The only thing that slightly confuses me (without in any way diminishing the pleasure) is where the light comes from in his paintings.

One can make jokes about how there must be mad scientists conducting high radiation experiments inside the cottages that Kinkade paints. But any survey of mad scientists will tell you that even a nuclear reaction would not provide the amount of light pictured.

Last night, as I pulled in my drive, I noticed a spooky Kinkade light emanating from my home.

And then it all clicked: I had just moved several of my hydroponic garden (with fluorescent light bulbs) near the window.

What you see pictured is the inside of my home. But I am pleased to say that it is no different than what you would find inside any home painted by Thomas Kinkade.


bitingblondewit said...

Um, Justin? What exactly are growing in your hydroponic garden? And is it entirely prudent to have it by the window, in plain sight of any law-enforcement types who might be passing by?

Anonymous said...

Those are the biggest lights and trees I have ever seen in a house.

maleah said...

I once heard of a guy who swallowed a flashlight. Same thing. For a while.

alecia said...

thanks for NEVER COMING TO CARIBOU EVER JERK!! but i hope things are going well with you. BUT WAY TO NOT VISIT US!! ok bye!! :)

Justin said...

alarm clock,
Way to leave a totally off topic comment,JERK-A-ZOID.

I was just in the other day. But faith scared me.

O.K., bye.

Justin said...

That's nothing. I heard of a flashlight that swallowed a guy.


Justin said...


Actually the window is only a quarter of inch square.


Justin said...


Last I checked there wasn't any law against Cilantro, although I suppose it will give some law enforcement officers the idea to have be cook for them. Which would not be pleasant for anyone.