With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Meeting People is Easy.

Bobble Head Dwight is a Chick Magnet.

At the Bobble Head Park

Girl: It's so warm out and it is only May.
ME: Well, it is May 31. You don't have to exaggerate.

Girl: Well, it isn't even summer.
ME: Do you seriously think it only gets warm in the summer?

On the Street.

Random Girl: What are you dragging?

Me: I'm taking Bobble Head Dwight for a walk.

Random Girl: He looks like Hannibal Lector with that little collar on.

Me: Shut up. Who asked you?

On the Lawn.
Neighbor:So, you're watching the old Bobble Head.

Me: Yeah I'm Lisa's brother. I have a blog.

Neighbor:Oh, I thought she just had one brother.

Me: That's me.

Neighbor:And that he was killed in a tornado. While on a plane over the Antarctic.

Me: Not that I know of...

Neighbor:And that his body was never found, and so there is no point in ever talking about him again.

Me: Well, nice meeting you.

Neighbor: Hmmm.


bitingblondewit said...

That's one mystery solved. I had wondered why you're still single, and now I believe I have my answer...

Is Lisa jealous because you're the favorite child?

Maybe you should just trade in Dwight for a real pet. Perhaps Lisa can be talked into giving you Little James Bond? Now that's a Chick Magnet!

Justin said...


Exactly! Girls think that just because a guy is sensitive enough to care for a bobble head that they can walk all over him.


P.S. Things James Bond has done in the last 48 hours
1)dropped a ball on my face to play catch while I was sleeping

2) Turned on a clock radio by the bed. While I was sleeping. Terrified me.

3) Persuaded a random golden doodle to run her head into the couch.

goldennib said...

You have that warm personal touch that makes people cling to you.

Justin said...

Actually it is a warm wrist hold that I have.

And, honestly, they aren't usually the ones doing the clinging.

bitingblondewit said...

I love that cat! He is just the cutest thing ever. Do you think Lisa taught him to do any of those things before she dropped him off?