With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When I Heard That the Childhood Home of J. Kahn Was For Sale I Started Signing All Kinds of Papers.

I have no idea what they said.

Thankfully, I don't think they were legally binding. Many of the pages required less than four separate signatures/initials. Our court system can't seriously treat those as binding documents, can they?


Elvis said...

Dear Justin ,

Well, I hope you're all through with the fancy schmancy parties . While guys like you are sipping umbrella drinks, some of us are out here paying attention to what's going on in the world !

Yesterday, 4/24/07, two major points of irony showed up on Yahoo news. I see nary a mention of them at your over - rated blog site.
Sir Edmund Hillary, who is now 87 and gained his fame by climbing snowy like the Arctic Mount Everest was injured. And how? By falling down.

Get it?

Mister big - shot climber fall down go boom! It's called IRONY, my blogging friend. And where's your comment on this irony ? Buried in photos of jolly people yucking it up and reports of having fun. Your fun sickens me! Perhaps the Concept of Irony escapes you on this one. Man! Do I have to point out everything around here?

Then, there's the Yahoo story about the movie set for the new Batman movie accidentally catching fire in the city of Chicago. And who is Batman's arch enemy? The Penguin.

So, you got Sir Edmund ( Freeze- My- Butt-Off- In- the Snowy- Arctic- Where- Peguins- Live) Hillary.

Then you've got The Penguin in the Batman story in Chicago.

So, basically , you've got wall-to-wall penguin news and zero coverage on the blog site of irony ?!

C'mon already, you blogsite despot - throw us a bone at least!


coj said...

the signature in the photo looks like
"justin k ahn" , not justin kahn.

Perpetrating a hoax or do you have spatial perception problems? maybe you signed on a bump. possibly
an unresolved psychological issue. yeah, that's probably it!