With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Was This Morning's Motivational Monday Nothing More Than a Sybmolic, But Unintentional "Hara-kiri"?

I guess I really blew it with today's motivational Monday. I swear, that from Friday-Sunday night the Monkeybicycle page was defunct. But now they are back. Good for them.

Frank, Comrade K, Cassandra, I'm sorry.

This may be the end of credibility for me. How can you ever trust me again after this debacle?

The answer is, unless you are really gullible, you can't. And I'm sorry.

But I've drafted a little recovery plan, and hopefully everything will work out.

I'm sorry.


alecia said...

you spelled symbolic wrong!
and on a positive note, hi!

Justin said...

Actually, you spelled symbolic wrong. You and every one else in the world.


P.S. Bliz has Munchausen by proxy!