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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Results of Justin's Decision to Grant Interviews:Fame Makes a Man Think Things Over.

1.Justin: Despised by the Man?
For months now, when friends asked me what’s new I would say “Just the usual stuff, although…”

And then I would lean in and mention that Yes I had been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, and how I frankly felt like maybe now is the time that I am going to transition from being an obscure blogger to being a really famous blogger.

It was not to be.

Here is the article that I could have been in.

I don't care. None of my friends read the stupid Wall Street Journal.

2. Justin: The Blogfather?

Our good friends at Ki Two Life sent me this article(pictured) which at least mentions me.

3. Justin: Best Commentator on Science-Fiction in the Fourth Q?
Yes, it would appear so.


Justin said...

I just wanted to get a comment up before Aborigine did.


aaaaaaaalecia said...

screw you, punkass.
and i don't even know who michael chabon or whatever his face is.
i work tomorrow so come get coffee served with a smug grin and loud chuckling, aka by me!
do it or die, the choice is yours!

Justin said...

I regret to inform you that I am booked from 5 minutes from now until 5:00.


aleciaaaaaa said...

way to choose death!

Too_Lively said...

You two need to get a room!

alecia said...

hahaha that is funny.

Comrade Kevin said...

J. If only you had the self confidence to try out for American Idol then perhaps your dreams of fame could finally come through.

P.S. Alecia seems to have a stuck 'A' key. Perhaps you could send her some rubbing alchohol and some Q-tips for her birthday?

Christina said...


Michael Chabon authored Mysteries of Pittsburgh, which has been hailed as the Catcher in the Rye of our generation. I'd highly recommend it to you, mostly just because you're from Pittsburgh.

Christina said...

I'd like to add that I think Michael Chabon is a weenie and Neil Gaiman could definitely kick his ass in a one-on-one steel cage death match.

Mark and Tamara said...

I usually just read your blog instead the news paper, blog make me smart read book. drink coffee 2.


Taihae said...