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Monday, April 09, 2007

Motivational Monday: Justin is Awash in Literary Glory and You May Find Your Own Glory if You Stop Goofing Around.

I have a new story in monkeybicyle.

I hope you like it.


Susan Miller said...

I did very much like it, Sir J. Thank you for linking to it.

Finding Fair Hope said...

Wow. Heav-y.

Frank said...

I love it how the author always refers to his protagonist with first and last name.

Also, I find it ironic that a parable should promote realisic fiction.

Justin said...


You hereby have my complete cooperation, should you ever write any critical studies of my vast {What's that french like word that means body of work?}


Justin said...

Finding Fair What?

Justin said...


Thank you for thanking me for linking to it.

I appreciate the encouragement.


Mandelin said...

Ironic Realistic fiction, Should make Sid liked by all.

Very funny, can't wait to see what happens next. Maybe sid could fall into a gang made up of satire and comedy. Join a band of gypsies and find true love in the hidden off spring of the sonnet. Just an Idea

alecia! said...

i had a dream about you! that we were reading somewhere and it was like 11 at night and i said "oh it's late you look tired do you want to go to sleep?" and you were like "yeah IF YOU'D LEAVE!" and you kept saying "I THOUGHT YOU'D CATCH MY HINTS THAT YOU SHOULD LEAVE! I'M TIRED!" so that wasn't too nice.

maleah said...

I can't stop goofing. Might I just trouble you for a cup of glory? C'mon you've got a whole bag full.

taihae said...

I had a dream about you too, justin.

We walked in the vastness of the cosmos and the hundred worlds did tremble with the mighty terror or our footfalls. In the sweep of time and space we made a pact, written in our own black and boiling blood on a tome bound in pure darkness, a literary work so evil that any mortal whose eyes fell upon its hideous and writhing script would be doomed to an eternity of profound madness and Charmed re-runs. Then, we went to blockbuster and got in a really big fight cause I wanted Eddie Izzard and you insisted on "Homeward Bound" and I suggested you might be batting for the other team and you told me my heart was made of lye and salt, but then they kicked us out cause we were scaring the kidds and dripping ichor all over the carpet.

alecia said...

that taihae person's dream was certainly better than mine. oh well!

Justin said...

What exactly did you have before going to bed?

Justin said...

Dreaming isn't a competition!

Justin said...

I have three bags full, but I also have total confidence that you can stop goofing.


Justin said...


I believe that like Spiderman 2, and hopefully 3, my sequels will be fantastic.


Justin said...

Alien Hunter,

Sorry if I wasn't nice to you in the dream. But I do get pretty grumpy after 9:00.