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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An Introduction to Yesterday's Post: Justin is Like a Skinnier, More Talkative Version of the Dumb Ox.

Thomas Aquinas is nicknamed, 'The Dumb Ox.' He received the Ox because he was big boned. He received the Dumb, because his classmates often viewed him as a mute.

His teacher, Dan Brown, once famously declared, "Some Day this Ox, will open his mouth and when he does, the whole world will listen."

Dan Brown, as always, was right. Aquinas ended up creating an Oeuvre which is singular in the history of philosophy. One legends attributes his endless creative ability to the ability to dictate to multiple secretaries while sleeping.

No doubt readers will be impressed to learn that I have precisely the same ability.

Only instead of dictating, I ask someone else to guest blog.

And for the sake of efficiency, I like to do this before I even go to bed.

So please enjoy yesterday's post and witness the most ruthlessly, biting attack on pita bread to ever appear in print or on a world class blog.

Good night.


Justin said...

Because these posts were posted just a minute apart, I felt it was the most efficient way to kill two birds, with one stone, so to speak.

maleah said...

So, skinny beast, eat a pita. But don't talk with your mouth full...

Lisa said...

I was having a rough day, but for some reason reading that Dan Brown was Aquinas' teacher really made me laugh. Haha. Thanks. ;)

Justin said...

I do believe that COI is saving the world one person at a time.

Justin said...

A pita? I can never eat just one.