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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Justin Is In Intense Training.

"Few people love the writings of Sir Thomas Browne, but those who do are of the salt of the Earth."
--Virginia Woolf

You probably wouldn't know this, but I have started taking my writing seriously.

I have been training myself so that I may absolutely solidify my status as a top blogger in the fourth quadrant of Cleveland Heights.

I picked up on a habit, that many great bloggers have employed: I type out a page from a work of prose I want to emulate.

Example. Every morning for the last month I have typed out a page from Sir Thomas Browne. No doubt the more perceptive of my readers have already noticed that my own prose style has been heavily influenced by his.

I copy his words, gaining strength. I try to learn what made him great. Day after day, I try to model the movement of my fingers, the structure of sentences, the selection of ideas on Sir Thomas Browne.

Finally, the lessons of the master are starting to guide me.

If I am to be great, as Sir Thomas Browne was great, I must absolutely insist that I henceforth be referred to as Sir Justin Kahn.

Thank you,

--Sir Justin Kahn.


Jenn said...

Geez, Sir Justin, your comments seem to be dropping off. I guess we're all the sugar-of-the-earth variety.

Justin said...

But the good news is now that it is pretty obvious that no one likes me, I can finally devote myself to my art.

I thank you for your Endless Loyalty.

Sir J.

maleah said...

Devoted to being a mix-master, Sir Words-a-Lot?

Jenn said...

I thought you never stopped.

Devoting yourself to your art that is.

I am endlessly loyal until I am dis.

Loyal, that is.

alecia said...

comment comment comment x 7

(p.s. i will never refer to you as sir justin kahn!!)


Justin said...

A name is a very important thing and you should not show disrespect for another human being by damaging or not using the whole thing.

It is just wrong.

Sir J.

Justin said...


I have spent about a half hour reviewing lyrics by sir mix a lot, to find an appropriate joke but I can't make heads or tails of any of the songs.


Justin said...

And people wonder why I am so cynical about relationships of every sort.