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Friday, March 09, 2007

Ipod Hacks: The Car Repair Feature.

You may not realize this but the folks at apple have come up with a feature on your ipod to help you with car troubles. I kid the good people at apple sometimes, but they have done something that has really helped me out.

I recently told you about my flat tire. The people at the garage wanted me to shell out $22.00 to repair the tire. Being a shrewd businessman, I said I know that the value of a car is always depreciating and they can just go try ripping someone else off. Unfortunately, this means that as I am driving the rear left tire makes a very load thumping noise, because it is rather shy on air. And actually the tire itself is now almost entirely shredded. I would be out of luck if it weren't for this little hack I discovered.

When you go for a drive, make sure that your ipod is hooked up to your car speakers. Then follow these simple tips.

1. Turn on your ipod.

2. Select a song.

3. Turn it up very loud.

Listen as the sounds of car trouble disappear!


Taihae said...

I use mine to mask the noise of the shattered pieces of my former life tinkling to the ground around me. oh, and what i MEANT to say before was, "i'm retiring, UNLESS by some mystic chance justin kahn ever wants me to guest blog for him." I think I'll write about puppies. in conjunction with rainbows. just bouncing some ideas off you.

Curtis said...

No its cool man, really. Steal my idea of doing tech reviews. Really its not a big deal. I mean, we are practically twins anyway. Except for the fact that I am not well read, Jewish, and likeable. I do however have a blog about Tech reviews, and from the looks of it, so do you. Which makes us practically twins.

Justin said...

Actually, this is a hack, not a tech review. They aren't even close to being the same literary genre.

I thought you were Jewish. Make up your mind.

And very funny about likeable.

P.S. I have already written one page of incomparable genius this morning!

P.P.S. Everyone: go read Curtis' blog.

Justin said...


Your shattered pieces tinkle? That's kind of weird. But also comforting. Mine just evaporate, leaving me surrounded with the dust of my own mortality.

Puppies! Rainbows! Can't wait!

But I guess I'll have to!

Exclamation Marks!


maleah said...

Am I the only one wondering why you can't come up with $20 to fix a tire when you obviously can afford expensive i-stuff?

Justin said...

I believe that all of the world wonders with you. And I am here to say that it is not a question of affording, but simply of wise investments.


P.S. Yes, I'm available for financial planning.