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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Heart Warming Tale Leads Justin to Act Swiftly.

I saw 300. It was a pretty inspiring story about how noble and honorable it is to fight your enemies. Even when the odds don't look so good.

I was so inspired that when Box of Ramen started harassing me, I decided that no matter what the odds, I would fight.

The focus of the movie was on 300 warriors fighting a powerful enemy whereas in my kitchen it was just me against the mighty Box of Ramen.

Turns out I did win.

In fact I crushed Box of Ramen.

And while I'm sure there would have been honor if I lost, there is nothing like the feeling of victory.


Blaux said...

You may have defeated a box, but are you a victor? I mean, I thought your name was Justin!?!

alecia said...

being aloof is not easy.
i'm too friendly.
ramen noodles are gross anyway,
so kill away!

p.s. you should write about that one time i made you talk to that elderly lady about hiking for like 3 hours. hahahaha

us spambots are like barnacles said...

Justin. Justin. Justin. Justin. Justin.

That about says it all.

Justin said...

I don't mean to be picky, but you are half right. Sir Justin. And so maybe I could use victor as a middle name.


Justin said...

That is the most beautiful poem ever.

Justin said...


Your software must have been upgraded.Your capacity for self understanding seems to be multiplying. Or at least improving.

Jenn said...


It is no matter that your constant allusions to my demonstrable obtuseness hurts my feelings.

I forgive you because I love you.

And if there is a virus running around, just remember that spambots are human, sort of, too, and we get infected.

alecia said...

i didn't mean to make it a poem!

p.s. i could hook you up with that elderly lady if you want. you both like hiking, remember?

Susan Miller said...

"Then we'll fight in the shade"

Sir J,

I am amazed by courage and strength. At any point did you look at the box and spout a memorable phrase that I can carry with me....like something you said right before your victory?


P.S. It's so great you now have access to bong shopping on your site.

Justin said...


I don't like to brag about my ability to craft amazing phrases, even while engaged in battle, but at one point I did say

"Oh, Box of Ramen, You Gonna Die!"

P.S. When I saw the comment from Omar I assumed it was you. But knowing it is not, I may have to delete it.