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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Justin Kahn is Most Certainly One of the Leading Bloggers in the Fourth Quadrant of Cleveland Heights--With Links to Prove It.

These last couple of days I have been devoting myself to nearly superhuman attempts at introspection. But I received word of a sighting--of me--that must be included in the public record for the sake of verifying my place in the literary world.

On Thursdy night I went for a walk under the starry sky (See Friday's inspirational post.)

Skip ahead to Saturday when I was getting coffee amongst the Hoi Poloi. Historian of Medieval Culture in Cleveland, Erin tells me that his g/f Beki believes she spotted me on Thursday Night.

You will note that Erin and Beki are both clearly real people with their own myspace pages. Though I have long been desperate to demonstrate the claim of this post, I remain too stupid to figure out how to set up a myspace page, let alone fabricate two.

You will further note, that while Erin is one of my closest friends, I have never actually spoken with his g/f. (Furthermore, I have only spoken with Erin, on two seperate occasions.)

Erin told me that Thursday Night, while they were driving past a lone stranger, stumbling about, Beki said she thought she saw that guy from the coffee shop.

Erin, due to his work in the historical sciences wanted to make absolutely sure he knew who was being discussed and so requested more detail.

(As this Thursday night conversation was occuring I was slipping every which way on ice and my angst.)

“Isn’t that the guy that writes on his computer,” said Beki.

Although I was the first person to come up with the idea, there are others that bring computers to the coffee shop. Though I am one of the few to bring an actual desktop, because those laptops are just so flimsy.

Beki clarified. “The Guy with the Blog.”

Do you see what happened there?

Someone recognized me on the street, as the guy with the blog.

“The Guy with the Blog," spake Beki.

I was sliding all over the street on angst and ice, suffering unexpressable psychic pain and yet my reputation as a blogger continued to grow.

"The Guy with the Blog," declared Beki.

Erin had his doubts, as he knew, that I am ordinarily in the hyperbaric chamber before the ungodly hour, nearly nine o'clock, during which they were driving.

"The Guy with the Blog," observed Beki. "And I think he's drunk."

As I say, Angst makes it so very difficult to get a solid footing.

I Who Am Awesome is going to take another walk. My pain is that which no human being has ever suffered before. But I am growing in fame and that does make things better.

In fact, the awareness of my growing fame strengthens me to the point of being able to openly defy anyone in the Fourth Quadrant of Cleveland Heights to demonstrate that they are receiving this kind of attention, because of their blog.

And while I know that most bloggers in the fourth quadrant could never even dream of accepting the challenge, I envy those same people their simple and pain free life.


Taihae said...

don't forget us -3 quadrant blogging peons in your journey of fame and self discovery.

(oh, and I put in a request for the diamond pig/crystalline bust of Justin - not sure they're buying it. further bulletins as events warrant.)

maleah said...

"The guy with the blog." Sigh. Such fame. It sure beats "the guy with the sty." -M

p.s. i redid blog. may never do it again, but couldn't sleep and figured (shrug) if one of the leading bloggers in the fourth quadrant of Cleveland Heights noticed it was missing, maybe it should exist. Okay, the part about I really couldn't sleep is true.

alecia said...

haha this is a funny post.

Justin said...

Thanks, Avacoda. I thought I would try to write something funny just to change things up a bit.

Justin said...

And once again I'm numero uno on your site!

Feels like I'm in the 4th Quadrant. Only online.


Justin said...

For aesthetic reasons and also reasons of my self esteem, I think you might want to choose whether you are doing the bust of me or of a pig.

And no, I would never forget the peons.


just me said...

If you need to borrow my Desktop computer carry bag, let me know. It comes with wheels or skis for the nasty weather.

Beki said...

My name is spelled Beki. Thanks for the mention. I really like your blog.

Anonymous said...

Soooo...it's a small world?

Please tell me you don't take an entire computer to the coffee shop? Please tell me I read that wrong. That is kind of funny. If you do/did that is.

Justin said...

I don't know what I would do with out the find and replace feature.

I am sorry I am not so good with the spelling.


Justin said...

butterfly girl,

I know it is weird, but I think people are to distracted by the fact that I also bring my senseo coffee maker there, for people to get too worked up over the desktop.


maleah said...

Senseo. That is a good idea, I mean, coffee house coffee can be pricey. And those little pouches are so small and easy to carry with you.

DJ said...

so, do you reply to each comment separately to boost your comment count? or is it just your "unique" way of blogging?

alecia said...

hahaha again. ooooooooh dj called you OUT son!

Sophie T. Mishap said...

It could have been worse. Your blog is fine and so are you. She would have said "The 'guy' with the 'blog'" otherwise.

Get better cosmically, Justin! I'm sad that you didn't get my Splenda comment.

Justin said...

sophie t mishap,

I wish I had your bright disposition.

And, I too, am sorry that I didn't get your splenda comment.

Like so many other greats, I suppose that I have arrived at the near top of the fourth quadrant due to more than just the advantages of pure intellect.

Justin said...

Thanks for never working anymore.


Justin said...

honestly I've never given it much thought.


Justin said...


Though I want to make each comment feel very special, maybe I do like seeing my comments in the double digits.


Justin said...

Pods, maleah. Pods. I would never drink coffee from a lousy pouch.


Sophie T. Mishap said...

"Like so many other greats, I suppose that I have arrived at the near top of the fourth quadrant due to more than just the advantages of pure intellect."
- j.

Yes one can only assume this is true.


Concerned said...

so... how to put this delicately... you seem depressed. Is it the physical pain, or did you and the girl break up or something? You don't have to answer, of course but you might consider upping your coffee intake. That always puts me in a better mood.

Justin said...

Dear Concerned,
My technorati ranking is at an all time low. Get me a few links and everything else will fall into place.


ALECIA said...

i still work! i still work!
i bet seeing me was the highlight of your life! especially since i was in such a goofy mood. ok see you in like 5 months.

Justin said...

I don't remember seeing you at work. Unless you are the one who was getting mad at me for some reason.

My attendance is really picking up. So I'll probably see you in like three months.


P.S. Your Book Bag is a Crate attached to a section of string.

Carissa said...

You said, "the Hoi Poloi"

1) Hoi Poloi itself means "the people." So you were getting coffee amoungst "the the people"?

2) According to dictionary.com, hoi poloi isn't capitalized....although to be proper, you could italicize it since it is transliterated from Greek.

Justin said...

carissa, Knowing I have such good, accurate readers will certainly encourage me to be more accurate in the future. j.

Carissa said...

It's good practice for when you write your book. ☺

Carissa said...

In case you didn't see my response to you on my blog...


"That's fine. I was just being a snobby, publishing punk. I've actually seen it used both ways but do find it amusing when they put 'the' in front of hoi.

"I hope I didn't cause you too much grief.