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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

In Which Our Man Justin Proves the Second Law of Thermodynamics, About How Your Good Stuff Will Just Keep Breaking.

I know that I haven’t been posting on Tuesday’s but, The Funniest Thing Happened: Just When I was About to Start Work on a Novel, My Television Stopped Working. Ha, ha!

1. Thinking about the loss of Bookie, I sat down in front of the Television ready to Watch Jeeves and Wooster(to prepare me, mentally, for writing my novel). If ever any teacher needed some R&R, it was me on the couch in front of the television.

2. My TV flickers off and begins emitting a loud buzzing noise. Lucky for me, this high pitched noise seems to repel the rats. Most of them clear out.

3. I remove my living room T.V. and retrieve my C. 1974 Television Set (With Authentic Wood Paneling!) from the Spare Television Room. I set it up.

4. I hit play on Jeeves and Wooster. My C.1974 set, which has served me well, flickers and all the sudden transmutes into a B & W set (pictured.)Who even knew that the color could drain from a television? Two dysfunctional t.v's and a dead bookbag! Fantastic!

So anyway, I just wanted to thank each and every one of you who sent your good wishes to me during my loss of bookie, even though it is clearly your lousy mental energies which have clogged up my previously functional television(s).

I guess I will go try to continue on with life. Don't try to help. Unless you want to link to my blog. I guess I would feel better if I had the most popular blog in the universe. Because then I would at least understand the meaning of my endless suffering.


Comrade Kevin said...

Don't you need one of those AC/DC converters in order to plug your TV into the wall to watch British television? Maybe that's what the problem was.

Justin said...

Well, ordinarily yes. But since Hugh Laurie has crossed over to American Television, I kind of thought it wouldn't be needed. Maybe it is the Stephen Fry Component that is throwing things off. J.

Too_Lively said...

But if your blog became popular, wouldn't that just lead to Blogger breaking down?

BTW, I've read your blog for like forever, but this is my first time posting. Do I get a cookie or something?

Justin said...

too_lively, Thank you for reading my blog. I thought my public had dwindled.

As for your concerns about Blogger I can only sing at the top of my voice those immortal words of Jeff Buckley, "We’ll share our blogs
In disdain for the system." If I have to step on Blogger and Google and Bill Gates himself, so be it.


Justins Dad said...

I can get the color back into your TV set. I have a device originally invented to put the smoke back into electrical devices, and as we all know when the smoke leaves an electrical device it stops working. Well the good news is this also puts the color back into TV sets.
p.s. In answer to your last Friday posting, here I am. As you can see I have been spending a lot of time on my inventions.

Justin said...

justin's dad,
I am afraid that the cost of such a miraculous device would probably be greater than just buying a new television. j.
P.S. Which still doesn't explain the absence of Justin's Sister & Justin's Brother In Law.

Misha_the_Terrifying said...

You may use my television until yours gets fixed. I only request that you place it back in my apartment at approximately 11AM until 2PM every day so I may do my Pilates exercises. You see, my Mari Winsor (who I am convinced is an android) Pilates DVD does not work very well in my laptop for some reason, and my PC is in a place where my yoga mat will not fit at a comfortable viewing angle to maximize the flow to my power core.

P.S.: I still think that your c. 1970's tv would make a terrific fishtank.

Taihae said...

In the slightly less than immortal words of Jeff Buckley, "mon amour a toujours dans tes grands yeux rien que nous deux", by which I think he's trying to say if God ih His wisdom has decided that you shall view Jeeves and Wooster in shades of grey, no amount of flashy technology will help you do otherwise. And steady on, too_lively, with a policy like that justin would soon run out of cookies!

goldennib said...

It sounds to me like the aliens are trying to contact you. I bet they'd like to comment on your blog but don't know how to get through.

3.14 said...

wow that's some week you are having....t.v's,bookie...
hope this week turns out to be stellar!

Justin said...

1)Thank you for reading my blog.
2) I think you overestimate the amount of effort a couch potato will expand to satisfy his lifestyle. But thank you for your very generous offer.
3) I think that one of us has a degree in fishtank mechanics and it ain't you.
4) Does Stvn the immortal have any weakness? He may pose a problem. But don't tell him I said that.

Justin said...

taihae, you have, to translate a latin phrase of jeff buckley, 'Touched the Thing With a Needle.'

I can't hold forth cookies as the incentives. I must offer bread! I have an endless supply of bread!

We make a great team.

Justin said...

goldennib, I don't see why they can't use my comments page like everyone else.

Justin said...

3.14, Very kind of you, but I will be the first to admit. I simply am not optimistic. j.