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Friday, September 01, 2006

Justin v. The Universe

Virtually every generation has a small group of thinkers who challenge the ideas of society.

Did you know that, for example, before Copernicus approx. 10 philosophers challenged the widely held belief that the sun is the center of the universe?

Because I knew that. But the reason I bring it up is that there have always been a group of thinkers who are eventually proven right. The question today is whether The Wed. Commenters are such revolutionary thinkers as they try to challenge my understanding of what day it is? Or are they just a bunch of No-Good-Nicks?

The claim they were collectively making is that was I was posting on a day other than the day the post was marked. Specifically, they claimed my Wed. Post was from Tuesday Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SWEET GUENIVERE” for example claims I was taking evasive actions to avoid being called a liar. Read her name again for a blatant example of Irony! (Guinevere betrays King Arthur in the Arthurian legends, which is ironic, because now she is betraying me and I am not a King anywhere except in my home which is both figuratively and literally a castle.)

Meanwhile, the Notorious Quilly pours salt in my wound, by pointing out that my being unstuck in time is going to interfere with my finding True Love. Honestly, if some one loves you unconditionally than how can they require that you be in the same Time Continuum?

I don’t mean to be off topic but maybe some of you have heard of Einstein?

And Einstein’s Twins Paradox? Where two twins age at different rates? Why? Because there is no universal time. Which means that it could very well be that I am for example traveling closer than the speed of light than the rest of you. The lesson being, don’t go challenging me about time.

You can trust me about scientifical issues. After all I am a frequent contributor to the Science Creative Quarterly. And if that page is any indicator, I am also a great poet (With apologies to actual poets.)

See you Monday.


QuillDancer said...

I am notorious! Finally! I have made it! Since that be the case: This is a Wednesday post, not a Friday one. You, apparently, are accelerating through time at twice the rate of the rest of us, so on your next birthday you will be two years older. As to romance outside your own time continum -- I never would have pegged you as a Keanu Reeves fan.

kelmaree said...

If you are traveling near the speed of light, do u not also become more massive and experience length contraction? If time travel really worth becoming v short and fat?? Perhaps this, as much as your being in separate time frames, will dampen your romantic prospects

Sweet Guenivere said...

Well, I may be betraying you, but at LEAST I am a legend. And betrayal is relative. I didn't think I was betraying Arthur by wanting to be with Lancelot, because I loved Lancelot, and Arthur only wanted me for my body anyway-- which, might I add, he was going to BURN AT STAKE.

So yeah, like I said, at least _I_ am a legend.

Jenn said...

Alright, if time is no longer a factor, I suggest Justin get together with Alice B Toklas. (I would have suggested Gertrude, but she's the writer and Alice is the companion of the writer, a fine distinction, and I don't think any relationship can take more than one genius at a time).

sjs said...

I can only assume from the quality of your recent posts that you are dead, and that the semi-literate Curtis is ghostwriting (get it? "Ghostwriting" because you're dead? Hilarious.) your blog. Consequently, I am keeping the book you loaned me.
Warmest regards,

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

Einstein's Twins Paradox allowed me to become a rich man. I put my money in my twin's bank account. Upon my return from Alpha Centauri, I was rich. The magic of compound interest and the Lorentz Transform

Comrade Kevin said...

Unfortunately all I know about time travel is from the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. But if your thinking what I'm thinking; then yes, I do think it would be a good idea to gather historical figures from the past to bring to our history presentation tomorrow!

It would certainly free up more time to play for our band WHITE STALLIONS!! WHOA!

Jenn said...

Um, I just noticed, you're a year ahead of the rest of us. Come back Justin! Don't go too far away. We would kinda sorta miss you.

Justin said...

Notorious Quilly,
Umm. I don't understand the Keanu Reeves. J.

Justin said...


Did you learn that in Uni?

Because what they didn't tell you is that all you have to do is take fast acting dexatrim.


Justin said...

Sweet G. Maybe I am being irrational, but the betrayal still hurts. J.

Sweet Guenivere said...

Justin, I only betrayed you because I love you so much.
Take it for what it is.

QuillDancer said...

Keanu -- uhm -- sorry -- Justin, go out and stand by your mailbox. If the flag does up even though you can't see anywhere there, I guarantee it will be your own true -- out of sync in time -- love.

Grammy said...

I'm just curious how you went from posting on Wed.Aug.30, 2006 to Fri. Aug.31st? Hmmm? lol Donna

Finding Fair Hope said...

Oh, Justin, I'm so confused over here. You have all these girls commenting on your blog yet you can't get a date. You post only on Mon Weds Fri but the posts go up on Tues and Thurs nites and everybody thinks you're so cute and you're so smart and yet nothing happens and your life doesn't get any better and can't get any worse. Don't you think there's a book in this? If I could write it for you I would, but you're the greatest writer in the universe at the moment. What to do!

And by the way the letters are nlinqvj. Over at my blog they are qqlmpv. Why is that anyway?

Stiletto Tongue said...

Speaking of TSCQ--just got word from David Ng that a "real" poem of mine is getting published in the fall by them (and it's not a silly haiku for the phylogeny tree; actually it is my first post on the ST site, slightly modified)!

And I want to publically(?) thank you dear JK 'cuz I never would have found them had it not been for you. Really.

Oh enough about me, already. Let's see you were comparing your brain to Einstein's I believe... which is not so much a theory of relativity but perhaps the law of diminishing returns...;-)


QuillDancer said...


Your previous post is dated 09/30/06. This post is dated 09/31/07. Now, you promised to post three times per week -- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday -- yet the time interval between these two most recent posts is over a year in duration. Near as I can guestimate that means you owe us 156 posts. We'd like them now, please.

Jenn said...

FFH: One of those mysteries for all time (like Gary Larson's Cow Tools). Why although EVERYONE loves Justin, he can't get a date.