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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Soundtrack of our Lives: An Interview with Timmy, Ring Tone Composer Prodigy, Age 3 &1/2

(In an effort to be more inclusive of other people COI is initiating an interview series that will decisively demonstrate that Justin is concerned with people other than himself.)

Q. It is a pleasure to meet with you. I know we are cutting into your play time, and so I am all the more appreciative that I’m meeting with someone who is responsible for creating more of the ring tones out there, than any single person.
A. (Claps hand together) Yeah!

Q. Western music is filled with young composers, but I don’t know if anyone comes as close to you for such an economically successfully start. At the age of one and a half, you had already been composing for a year.
A. (Giggles) I make noises. Mommy poofs my belly if I noisy. After bed time no more noises.

Q. Your work is said to capture the many voices that make up contemporary life. Where do you find these voices? That is talk to me about some of your raw influences.

A. I hit metal Bang, bang.. My toy goes Whirrrrrrrl. Trains go Cho-Cho-Cho. Froggies, ribbit, ribbit. Comprrh.

Q. Do you ever collaborate on a piece? Do you have plans to collaborate in the future?
A. My ringy phone! Not yours.

Q. Mahler once said, “If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.” I understand the reluctance of musicians to comment on their music. But loosely speaking, let’s say for someone who is new to your work, do you have any words of guidance for someone trying to acclimate themselvesto your work? What are you trying to say?
A. Pick up phone. Talk on the phones. Talk to Mommy. (Clapping) Talk to Daddy.

Q. I’d like to play one of your recent works . It is reminiscent of a fog horn. If any of your works just say, “Pick up the phone”, it is this piece. I want to talk about, that is I’d like you to talk about, your more aggressive nature.
A. Mom can’t hear the phone when the TV is on. Noisy! I like noisy. Noisy go WHHHOOOOMP-WHOOOOOMPAH

Q. You’ve written several pieces which evoke the phone rings of the
1900’s. Talk to me about how your sense of history has contributed to your compositions.
A. Grammy’s phone goes rrrrrring. I like rrrrring

Q. Do you ever feel confined by the formal limitations of Ring Tones?
A. NO! NO! I like noises soft, noises loud. Long noises, short noises.

Q. Do you think, you will ever compose outside of the Ring Tones?
A. Someday, I want to make noises for brakes on cars. SCCRREEECH.

Q. More than any artist working today, one gets the sense that you are not only expressing the mind of a generation, but also shaping their future tastes. Can you share some of your sense of what will be next?
A. Pffffffth. Pffffffth.

Q. Did you just make a stinky?
A. {Giggles.}

Q. More than any artist working today, one gets the sense that you are not only expressing the mind of a generation, but also shaping their future tastes. Can you share some of your sense of what will be next?
A. Pffffffth. Pffffffth.

Q. Did you just make a stinky?
A. {Giggles.}


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Justin said...

Hey !keith, thanks for visiting. I was feeling kind of lonely, when I got your comment and it really cheered me up.

No one has ever just come out and said, "Your blog is nice." It has been hinted, but never with your directness. I feel really good now. Knowing someone cares and thinks my blog is nice.

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You hardly know me, but your concern is obvious.

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part-time buddha said...

I can't believe your blamed that kid for what was obviously the doings of your flatulent ghost.

All the same, you got mad interview skills. If you could only learn to cry, you could be the next Anderson Cooper.

Comrade Kevin said...

I feel like I really got to know Timmy. His passions, his desires, and why the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round...

bitingblondewit said...

Justin, I hate to be mean, but is this kid a window licker? Does he ride the short bus to preschool? Maybe next time you should interview Little James Bond...get the real scoop on things.

QuillDancer said...

Justin, I may be impressed by your empathy, but before I am truly satisfied I have an interview question of my own ... "As the interview drew to a close, did you ask for a free ring tone?"

Justin said...

p t b: I'm on it. There is a chemical that actors use to force themselves to cry. I wonder what it will be like. j d k

Justin said...

comrade kevin, Timmy says he feels like he knows you too.

Justin said...

b b w: James is very difficult to get an interview with. But I am in touch with his agent. j

Justin said...

quilly, I absolutely do not accept bribes from those I am interviewing. I did however ransom Timmy for ten grand, which will really help. j

bitingblondewit said...

Umm, Justin? Offering to ransom a small child for $10K is tantamount to selling him...which the feds seriously frown on. Hope the penthouse has a sturdy door...

QuillDancer said...

Justin, being an O'Henry fan I find it necessary to ask yet another question: Have you actually received the money yet, or is Timmy still in your custody?

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

"After hotdogs, my tummy goes..."

Lies! All lies! What 3 and 1/2 year old uses the term 'hotdog?'

It be Weenie Beanies!

I was offered a 12 year old on a recent MSF tour in Lao PDR.
25 US dollars.
I broke the pimps jaw with my legendary right hook. I them wired it for him at the clinic - no room even for a straw. Bastard had to suck broth for eight weeks.

Bert Bananas said...

I know you couldn't have just been one on one with Timmy. Who esle was there? What topics were you told were off the table? Timmy is notorious for things like 'naps' and 'binkies'; he's caused a lot of harm to 'little people' and I bet you were told not to refer to any of this, weren't you? Oh man, they're so idealistic in grad school, but then the real world slaps them upside cheek creek.

goldennib said...

Was Timmy's Stage Mom there during the interview?

Justin said...

bbw: What? I'll pay the taxe. j

Justin said...

quilly, I have recieved the money in unmarked quarters. I'm going to spend the rest of the day putting them in piles! I love quarters

Justin said...

bilious, the kid is very unusual. While he is not generally gifted with words it is not too suprising. j.

P.S. Lao--Kidding?

Justin said...

bert,actually I was told by his handler that I should, "Stop talking about myself." And that Timmy doesn't have time to listen to my demo tapes. Other than that, there were no restrictions. (Although for my blog I did edit out the # of times he said Cheek Creek. Crazy kid.)

Justin said...

Golden, I don't know what a stage mom is. Just his handler. But he was a great guy to work with. j.

Parton Words said...

It's no wonder your fame is growing around the world Justin. Many more interviews like this and we may think of you in the same light as say....Michael Jackson. I think it's working for you

Stiletto Tongue said...

Never told you that this (SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES) was one of my favorites Justin!

But my heart still belongs to Kafka's Daddy!