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Monday, August 28, 2006

My Magic Love Box

(While juggling a couple of other projects, I decided to work on a children's book.)

People always ask me why I am so happy. And the answer is because I carry my Magic Love Box around with me. I bet you carry yours around too. Unless you don't have one? But that only happens when kids are really bad. So I'm sure you have one.

Obviously love isn't an object, so I can't keep it in my box. Maybe love isn't anything, but...well read Freud someday. Anway, I put other things in it. Like this coupon for Senseo Coffee Pods.

This is my latest addiction. If you juggle two or three addictions it makes it much more bearable to know that your Magic Love Box isn't filled with love.

Science Fiction can capture the imagination. But don't enjoy it too much or else when you go speed dating your number one choice won't put you down as a match! And then you will feel like why even bother responding to my number two match? And then feeling alone you will take your stupid copy of Solaris and go to the coffee shop where it has apparently become a Couples Only club, and you'll think just how stupid it is to like Sci-Fi, even good literary Sci-Fi.

That is just a three prong adapter. I haven't cleaned out my Magic Love Box in a while. It's hard to be motivated to clean out your Magic Love Box when you know that it is just going to sit on your shelf,all by itself, until you are dead.

Nothing is as rewarding as doing a little carpentry. But I keep this drill in my Magic Love Box, so that I can unbuild everything around me, which is exactly what life is like.

Well, kids I hope you have a newfound appreciation for your Magic Love Box, because I'm sure it isn't filled with all the crap that mine is.

Soon we will look at my Hope chest. But don't get too excited: Love is the greater of these.


Real Blaux said...

I haven’t seen a new post on this site since last Monday and now I see it was all some sort of cruel game my computer was playing on me. I think it thinks your blog is going to give me the idea to buy a senseo coffee maker, which will in turn become my new favorite electronic device. I’m so happy that you weren’t lying about posting Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays because if you were to lie about that it would make me think you are lying about other things on this site.

Jenn said...

You see, no wonder love has no place in your magic love box when you fill it with all the other stuff.

What about your faith box?

Are you going to sing to us in the tongues of men and angels?

Word verification: bbjrk

Jenn said...

I will not be putting Joseph Frank or Dostoevsky into my magic love box.

(OK that didn't sound obscene in my head)

QuillDancer said...

Oh my word, Jenn. There is absolutely nothing I can say to follow a comment like that! Now everything I think of sounds bad in my head.

Jenn said...

Sorry Quilly. I didn't realise what the possible euphemisms could be until I saw it written out like that...hehe!

goldennib said...

I can't believe Justin wrote such an XXX rated post for children.

Justin said...

Hello Jenn & Quilly & Goldennib:
I always enjoy visiting your blog. You guys make me laugh.


Justin said...

real blaux, Hitting refresh can solve more posts not showing up than any other technical action.

QuillDancer said...

It is so nice for you to create a place for Jenn, Nessa and I to play. If it weren't for you I never would have met them. Ther -- see? -- a tiny little glimmer of appreciation. Catch it before it dissipates and put it in your love bo .... Too late. Sorry.

Comrade Kevin said...

Wow, I'm nearly speechless. One of the things I certainly never expected was to sit down with my morning cup of fresh Senseo coffee and find graphic pictures of Justin's magic love box.

I've always been told that my magic love box is special and I should keep it hidden and share it only with that special someone in my life.

Oh sure, you can go to any modern convience store and find magazines filled with pictures of magic love boxes, but somehow it always seemed tawdry to me.

But maybe that's the point your trying to make Justin. Rather than keeping your magic love box tucked away on a hard to reach shelf, you should take lots of pictures of it and post it on the internet: to free up this form of self expression from the tawdry magazines to a higher art form.

I just hope this site doesn't start charging a monthly subscription fee.

part-time buddha said...

I'm sorry, but all this 'love box' stuff is making me giggle like a teenage boy.

Real Blaux said...

I’ve used this trick of yours in the past and my computer doesn’t fall for it any more. It’s very possible that when I hit refresh my computer thinks I want it to prepare me a beverage.

Justin said...

A general note: I do believe that very few of my readers have the moral fiber requisite to coauthor my next children's book with me.

Jenn said...

Comrade Kevin - how would that work? If we were all to share our magic loveboxes online, wouldn't it make Justin's blog cheap and tawdry?

Anyways, I think Justin is into his own magic love box, he is not interested in anybody else's.

Quite sad that Justin does not think us fit to co-author his next children's book with him.

Sweet Guenivere said...

That was such a touching story, Justin! I'm so impressed. You are a writer of stories for children! Who would have guessed...

I was a very bad kid.
I don't have a magic love box.
I'll never have anything magic, or anything love box.