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Thursday, July 20, 2006


(Pictured:Another one of my sister's cats. Isn't s/he so cute?)

While staying at my sister's house it occured to me that having all of these cats around might afford me a small business opportunity. I thought there are a lot of people who would be interested in seeing all of these cats (My best estimate is that there are maybe a thousand cats running around here.) So I ran an advertisement that said Cathouse 500/a visit and gave my sister's address.

I figured people would visit, enjoy the wonderful world of cats, feel better about life and we would make a few hundred dollars. (And allow me to be perfectly clear: while I would open a cat house, I did not put pop-ups on my precious blog. I believe that the counter I had at the top of the page was responsible for that. Thanks to everyone who sent me an angry email. Sorry, if I didn't respond.)

Some of you picked up on my animosity towards city hall yesterday.

The short answer is that because of a misunderstanding, I got into a little trouble just b/c an uber genius in City Hall saw some special on HBO. He totally misunderstood what I was advertising.

Anyway,spending a night in jail wasn't so bad. It allowed me to finish a novel I've been reading in as part of an international competition. At 10:23 a.m. yesterday morning, I finished Clarissa. That's just six hours before Jenn (the other contender) finished Infinite Jest.

Even though I'm kind of angry at City Hall, its probably best that I was forced to read the book. I'm a sore loser.


Jenn said...

Yes, I figured you were. So congratulations Justin. You won fair and square (although it was pretty close at the end and I was about 60 pages ahead of you for a little while).

(Um, why did they arrest you again?)

Justin said...

jenn, unlike "GRE" cathouse is a very old lingo. But I've provided the link for explanation. Jokes based on generally outdated word usages, are in my opinion, priceless.

bitingblondewit said...

I have a question. It's a blonde one though. If you finished Clarissa at 10:23 this morning, and it's only 8:00 now, shouldn't you have another 2 1/2 hours of reading to do before you're done with said book?

Justin said...

A very good question. But it looks like the COI staff has corrected the chronological error.

Jenn said...

Hmmmm so that was what you meant about cathouse. No I wouldn't have gotten the joke without the link.

Bust-ed is right.

bitingblondewit said...

Then I have another question. Presumably you knew the second meaning for cathouse before you ran your ad, yes? So were you intending to mislead potential visitors (which could be hazardous) or were you attempting to provoke city hall?

Have I mentioned before that I hate your word verification? If your parents ask again why I don't often comment, you can tell them that's the reason. Aaagh!

justin's parents said...

Biting Blonde, we love reading your comments, so don't let Justin's word verification stop you, please. Also, tell your friend spinster j that we miss her also. Yes, Finding Fair Hope, we are Justin's real parents

goldennib said...

Justin: Maybe you should have openned a chicken ranch. Clean chicks would be in great demand, what with the birdie flu going around.

part-time buddha said...

Here a simple statement with no irony attached: I would like to be involved in the read-a-thons next time.

bitingblondewit said...

Word verification rocks. In the space of two minutes, my little blog was hammered with more than 50 (and still counting) spam comments-all saying pretty much the same thing, on pretty much every post, all by anonymous and all linking back to the same damn site. I am a teeny bit annoyed, and will be spending a considerable amount of time deleting the wretched things...and will never again complain about word verification. Aaaagh!

Oh! And Justin, you're right (as usual) I do have hyper-graphia.

Jenn said...

Nessa you know what's funny...over here, chicken house in Malay (rumah ayam) means roughly the same thing that cathouse means over there.

There's no getting away from it, huh, Justin?

QuillDancer said...

Jenn -- Here Chicken Ranch and Cat House are synonymous.

Justin -- you see how naive I am -- I live in Las Vegas and this scenerio never even occurred to me.

Shame on you for exploting cats for attention. I would never do that!

Finding Fair Hope said...

Justin has hip parents! I should have known that. I love hip parents.

Oh, and get Justin to lend you my book when he's finished with it. It's written for hip parents.

Now to do the word verification: syjsyjbfv? Is that it? If not, how are you reading this? Have you noticed that my blog doesn't ask for one. We welcome dyslexics.

Anonymous said...

FFH, Thank you! We're not sure that Justin would agree with you. We'll be sure to borrow your book from him. He's a fast reader, he might be finished with it before it even gets delivered to him. Biting blonde, glad you no longer have a problem with word verification. What is hyper-graphia? We aren't as smart as Justin. Probably, because as FFH pointed out a while back, we aren't his REAL parents(or maybe he just chooses to believe that).


The anonymous is us. We must be getting senile, to forget to put our names in. I hope Justin puts us in a nice nursing home!

goldennib said...

Jenn: As Quilly said they are the same. And chicks is another name for girls and birdie is another name for a man's private parts (see how genteel I am?)

*waves hand up in the air while jumping in seat* Like ptb, I want to play in the read-a-thon.

Finding Fair Hope said...

So how come you two parents write together? How do you do it? Does one type one word, the other the next, or what? And do you do everything else together? And how did Justin get funny parents? Is that how he got funny? I mean, ironical? And where is he anyway?

Now to the word verification if I can do it...

Justin's Parents said...

FFH, I imagine Justin has just been too busy taking care of his sister's 1000 cats to comment. He's also watching over her mansion,which is no small task. To answer your question, we take turns typing one letter at a time. At our advanced age we do get tired rather quickly.

Paritosh@Blogterminus said...

Hi Justin,

You've got a nice blog going there..keep it up.

Specially liked the one about pistachios - funny and quirky. :)

I have this new website, www.blogterminus.com - sort of like an online blog magazine - and I'd like to include that aricle of yours on it.

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- Paritosh

Briz-Fabyoulouse said...

I have trawled and trawled and trust me there are some seriously shithouse blogs around. Yours is in the minority of 'good blogs'.
Mine is in the micro minority of 'fucking awesome blogs'. read em and weep. xox mwah