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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It is Never too Early to Start Planning a Wedding.

I am afraid Lindsay is getting cold feet. Did you read yesterday's comments? She wants me to spell her name right? Oh, not walk on coals? Not fly to the moon?

Hopefully, she'll get over it. Severe memory loss by that age and all. Personally, two things have been bothering me: Nicknames and Songs. I’ve got to come up with a series of endearing nicknames. So far all I have is La, la, lindz; ; Charles LINDZberg; Lindzomatic; LINDZel soup; Abraham Lindz. Please let me know if you can think of any others. Please let me know how people spell Lindsay. The happiness of my fallback plan depends on it.

Obviously, the big decision comes in deciding what our first dance will be. We have been both trying to come up with some ideas. Here are our choices.

1. If You Can't Be With the One You Love, Love the One Your With (Lindz's choices)
2. Eye of the Tiger (Justin's choice)
3. Cop Killer (Jess's choice. She's going to be the maid of honor. And maybe best man.)
4. Hurt by NIN (Lindz's Choice)
5. Papa was a Rolling Stone (Justin's choice)
6. Love Hurts (Lindz's choice)
7. War by Edwin Starr (Justin's choice)

I had no idea that planning a wedding would be this difficult. But I think it will all be worth it when we start getting stuff from our registry.


bitingblondewit said...

A Hoveround! Classic. Picked out a color yet? Do you want the optional basket?
Song recommendation...Happy (Songs About Jane).

Justin said...

I want the optional basket. Where else would I put Lindz?

Undecided about the color, but I hear camouflage is in.


bitingblondewit said...

Why didn't she get to register for anything? That's no way to woo her!
Is the camouflage to better enable you to sneak up on the poor unsuspecting vitim...I mean bride.

part-time buddha said...

LINDZen Johnson.

song: Beverly Hills by Weezer

bringer of cough syrup: part-time buddha

Justin said...

She didn't get to register, b/c we don't have a lot of friends. And I am older so I need the help more. J.

Justin said...

p t b:
I knew I could count on you for some good nicknames which subtly work in elements of The Saga of Gunnlaug Serpent Tongue. But as I recall, Weezer isn't a part of that story. Which makes me think maybe Beverly Hills should be left off. Otherwise people will think of the album, and they'll think of "We are All on Drugs" and it just isn't cool when you play or even think of that song at a nursing home.
j d k

QuillDancer said...

Justin, are you going dj or band? Here's a band you night want to audition:


And I was wondeing about your attire -- if you're going to wear a standard issue hospital gown, might I suggest you be untraditional and face your audience instead of the altar?

Afou said...

Mission Impossible by Limp Bizkit perfect for awedding
Very romantic.....

WIP said...



I call my friend Lindsay La Bena combining the first two letters of her first and the 4 first letters of her last....

just some thoughts

Justin said...

quilly: I was thinking of DJing myself. But I like the vikingkittens. I think I saw them in concert once. Near the water.


Justin said...

afou: and that would fit in with my planning on coming through the ceiling. Justin

Justin said...

wip:Would you believe that this girl is lindsEy not lindsay? What a weird name. jdk

goldennib said...

I think you should use the Chicken Dance as your wedding song. It's played at every wedding reception, so it must be the quintessential wedding song.

Lucky Lindy
The Lindster

LIndz said...

Justin, I told you "Hurt" by Johnny Cash, because you can actually feel the pain. And your friends need to get better ideas of nicknames. If you ever call me Lucky Lindy, you don't want to know what will happen :)

Justin said...

Lindster: Message recieved. J.

Jenn said...

How about Her Who Must Be Obeyed?

Has a certain ring to it, no?

QuillDancer said...

lol -- Jenn, your seating may have just been changed from the grooms side of the church to the doghouse ...

Jenn said...

OK, OK, try God then.

Oops, its She Who Must Be Obeyed, not Her.

My bad.

Ron Bramlett said...

There's nothing to think about.

"Ebony Eyes" by Rick James.

Either that or

"When Doves Cry" by Prince.

The two most beautiful songs ever made.