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Monday, May 01, 2006

Blogging is Just Another Name for Imperialism: An Interview With Noam Chomsky

Q. For several years you have been an outspoken critic of America's Foreign Policy , of the rise of Corporations and of Globalization. You are turning your attack to Conceptofirony. Why?

A.Conceptofirony is really just a more sophisticated manifestation of these other trends of the modern world.

Q.Conceptofirony is the oldest website on the internet. Why speak out now?

A. For the first time in human history conceptofirony is not only an intellectual, linguistic and moral force, but it is now an economic force.

Q. You are referring to Ye Old Irony Shoppe.
A. I am.

Q. Those mugs of his are really gaining in popularity.

A. You see them everywhere. But look I'm drinking out of a paper cup and I'm not going to die. I'm really unhappy, but at least I haven't given in.

Q. Do you think conceptofirony is using devious means to promote its economic agenda?

A. Just this morning the New York Times ran an article, about how wonderful the classic conceptofirony mug is. Right there, on the front page. And so people are asking me, is this a conspiracy? Has conceptofirony bought the New York Times? No, no,no. Even conceptofirony isn't powerful enough to get away with something like that.

What I keep trying to explain to people is that Justin doesn’t have to take over. The media is naturally aligning itself with his interests. What are they going to drink out of if Justin doesn’t provide them with his ‘mugs’?

The days of drinking coffee from the pot are over. Justin is responsible for that. But now, everyone has a vested interest in his continuing to succeed. Everyone needs these mugs. Justin must know that. He's really, really smart.

Q. On a related note, you are said to be one of the ten most quoted authors in the humanities--ranking with Shakespeare and the Bible.
A. Yes, Several studies have suggested that.

Q. Several studies have suggest that.
A. Correct.

Q. Correct.
A. Stop that.

Q.Stop that.
A. This interview is over. I'm leaving.

Q. This interview is over. I'm leaving.


Jenn said...

Economic or cultural?

The cry goes round town. Justin has turned post-colonial. Or possibly colonial.

Who do you mean to colonise anyway?

As one of the great Kahns (The other being Shah Rukh although I think his surname is spelled differently) I think you owe it to your constituents to come forth and shed some light on the subject.

Btw, I have seen your mugs almost everywhere. It's obvious that you are raking in the doubloons.

Pirate Val said...


I think about you every night and I have printed out your blog just so I could cuddle up next to it in the lonely hours of the night.

I got a lot of paper-cuts.

-Pirate Val-

Les said...


I have recently spied some conceptofirony mugs for sale by a heavily tattooed man with a cane at the weekend flea market on Route 47 in Hadley, MA. Are these cheap knockoffs or the real thing? His cardtable was filled with them.

Also, would you Noam anywhere?