With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Let's Go Shopping.

(Pictured left:the Conceptofirony design)

You know I've grown really attached to you. Which is why I feel like we can talk about anything.

And that's why I would like to take a moment to share a very exciting opportunity with you. It is an opportunity to go shopping where you are loved, where you will be able to purchase happiness, and where you will get to have the great feeling of helping a struggling young blogger who recieves a small portion of the profits.

That opportunity is nothing less than my New Café Press Store

We've got everything. And by everything I mean two mugs. And by two mugs, I mean mugs that have the new conceptofirony design. Click on the pictures in the store for descriptions. We've just opened, so please "pardon the dust".

Yes, it is somewhat small right now. But Conceptofirony is looking to expand into other markets, and we are starting with quality not quantity. Yes, that quality is reflected in the price. Would you believe that I am actually, in a sense, operating at a loss?

Today's Post Was Brought to You--with every good wish--by Bottom of the Barrel Productions.

(A Note to the Authorities: Conrad made me flip the thing over. Blame him.)


kelmaree said...

wow, u actually went to the trouble of setting up a shop, im impressed, thats dedication

Jenn said...

Aw honey, why don't you concentrate on the 94.3 per cent who love you, and not on the tiny minority who think you're "...scraping"?

Jenn said...

I mean, do you think just anyone can inspire an "almost crush"?

Conrad said...

Sorry guys. My fault.

reese said...

I'll take 8 of the big ones!

Reese said...

Hey Justin, do you ever check your alexa rating? I checked you out today. You got me doubled, dude.

ryanmc said...

I was wondering if it would be ironic when you and Jenn marry? What I mean is- you slave away in dedicated obscurity, only allowing the peasant workers onto the COI estate, in order to feed us hungry readers. Then you find Mrs. J (justin,that is)on the blog. No more BBC for you. Well, whenever you get hitched do you think I could get the bread machine? Or at least the manservant?

Justin said...

Impressed enough to buy a thousand of the classics?


Justin said...


I blush in your general direction.


Justin said...

The sole task of a great critic/editor is to raise the standard of an artistic community.

It is a shame that you are dealing with a 'writer' who chooses to kick over barrels instead.


Justin said...


I haven't checked out my reese rating. Such things confuse me.

Googling it I got a site that required registry. And that seems like a lot of work. So I thought I'd just say I'll get back to you.


Justin said...


That wouldn't be a case of irony, so much as a case of 'a miracle.'

I'll probably have to talk to Jenn before such plans move forward--But let's keep this on the DL.

You'll have to remind me, but you may have the breadmaker when I marry. Unfortunately, I suspect that at such a time, there will be such sophisticated breadmakers, that you'll just put in sawdust and out will come flawless French Loaves. But maybe if your into antiques, it will all work out for the best.

How do I ever hope it will all work out for the best.


Anonymous said...

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Justin said...


I have the most unbelievable Blue eyes. Well, my eyes are blue anyway. Remember that song?

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I hope that counts as reposting it. I have to admit, I'm a bit skeptical, but we'll see what happens.

Reese said...

Hey Justin, cut and paste this link:


That's your site. The numerical ranking you're given might not mean much to you, but just being ranked is good. 99% of blogs don't get enough traffic to be ranked at all. Punch in other sites to find their ranking, as well.

reese said...

God, sorry to cause trouble. cut and paste that link and it will probably take you to a weird site, then click up in the URL part up top to refresh and it will take you to the right part.

or just check out http://www.alexa.com

then go to "traffic ratings" and punch in your site URL (probably your best bet)


Justin said...

Cutting and pasting worked just fine. Exactly the same principle I use to compose my posts.

I am # 1,283,252!!

You helped me get where I am, and I won't forget that.

However, I have a dream. I want to be in the top 100,000, so I can get more statistics.

If that happens it will be an incredible underdog story.


reese said...

I think only the celebrity gossip blogs stand a chance there. If you get in the top 100K, though, you just get a little graph, that's all. Not much more. Glad to help.

R2K said...

: )

WIP said...

well i have green eyes but i am skepital about that.....

*self doubt*

yes i'm back justin and no nickname yet. Do you still doubt me?

WIP said...

well my eyes do have some brown in them, does that make me a hazel eyed girl ?

Justin said...

Well, I wouldn't say doubtful. I'd say skeptical.

Shoot. I said the wrong thing again didn't I?


WIP said...

nope i think thats what i was trying to say lol

i've got you afraid now huh

i have control

misneach said...

I noticed that you made reference to opening a new "cafe press" store. I was curious as to (I'm sorry, I haven't had time to thoroughly examine your posts...) wether that was related to the Cafe Press online webstore, and if it is I should let you know that there have been some nasty thoughts popping about the internet relating to products recently added to your store which advocate using nuclear weapons to wipe out the independant nation of Iran. The advocacy of using such genuine weapons of mass destruction exhibits a great lack of compassion for the sanctity of human life, and does not do justice to the memory of the millions of people who have been killed by Nuclear Weapons. If you actually have nothing to do with Cafe Press (the website) then just ignore me. If you do, you might want to have a look at my most recent post Cafe Press Spreading Hate and understand, through some of the linked items in the post, that this is an issue of grave concern to those who believe that human life is important.
Quite like your blog though.

marco said...

Since you are using your store to finance your acquisition of nuclear weapons to destroy Vietnam, I am going to have to boycott your blog from here on out. Goodbye, hatemonger.
Angrily yours,
PS I heard through the grapevine that the boat guy is giving up on you too for his own, unknown reasons.

Justin said...


I don't even like conventional warfare, so I hope no one thinks that I dig nukes.

All that stuff is so very noisy.


Justin said...

Boycotting is a powerful tool.

It will be availbe in my store soon. Stay tuned!

As for boatguy, I have recieved independent verification that he is actually reporting on the state of ships on the river. This excites me. I thought he was just being random, but he was actually being factual. Factual is so hot right now.

I regret my hatemongering as much as the next guy.


P.S. What I mean to say is that I regret my hatemongering with the same degree of intensity as the next guy. I don't mean, that my hate for hatemongering is equal to my hate for the next guy. That would indicate that my heart is not only filled with hate, but second order hate. While I am a wretch, I think second order hate is pinning a bit much on me.