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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Actually,it is MTV-8, which is still (I'm told) cooler than Vh1, but you get the idea. Camera crews were everywhere and celebrities like you would not believe.

I have to admit, that while I can appreciate some of the principles of Stoicism, I was getting a little bit bored. But not anymore.
I don't have time to go into details, but I will say the following.

1)I am a Star. If you watch MTV8's Spring Break Coverage of Stoicism (III) you will most likely see me. Especially, if you are looking in the lower left hand corner of the crowd during the scene where they made the announcement the show was cancelled because of rain. I really hope they use that footage.

2)You will not believe who I met. I'll tell you anways. But you really should learn to be more trusting. Pauly Shore, that incomprehensible actor. Can you believe it? I guess he's a great propoenent of Stoicism.
Today's crucial word is brought to us by WIP who has this blog where if you click on a link, the title of the link gets crossed out. So that if you come to her website from conceptofirony you will see that conceptofirony is crossed off. Which can be real worrying if you are on staff at conceptofirony, because it's like, Man, she crossed you offer her link list. You and the others staffers must really suck, you might be inclined to think. While that may be true, your premise is all wrong. She's not crossing you off. She's using fancy html, to say "Been there."


WIP said...

hey i'm glad i could help with the word donation :) i am proud to be a part of your word bank

Pauly Shore is a pretty sweet actor if i do say so myself

WIP said...


the scratching through of your link does in fact mean been there not as in, this isn't worth going to look at because it is.
Just to clear your mind of worries.