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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Goodbye Edgar

I can't believe it.

I know Jack can't save everybody. But that truth never cut me so deep, as it did when I saw your body crumple like a precious, little butterfly being crumpled. Is your life so very fragile that we can lose you to nothing more than weaponized nerve gas?

I really believed you were going to hook up with Chloe. Hey speaking of Chloe. No, now is not the time to bring that up. That would be in poor taste.

So, I guess you are an angel now, flying around in your plaid shirt, kind of mubling at other people. Do angels have powers other than flying? Like do you think that you could make Chloe dream about me? B/c you know, you had your chance, man. If you had feelings for her, you should have acted. Just like you should have listened to Carrie when she told you about the ventilation system.

I'm sorry. That was a low blow.

The point is that you were a great man, who left behind a great girl. I will miss you, but I'm going to call her. And while its hard, I think it is going to work out for the best.


Gordo said...

Chloe is Jack's "bitch." She does his bidding even if it means getting fired. (See season 4) I believe that is why she looks angry all the time. She knows that Jack will never fully commit to her. You can call her if you like but it will only make you, 'The Other Man.' And you know what Jack does to people who get in his way.

Joygirl said...

Yeah, but at least Edgar is with his radioactive mother, who died in season 4!
Her death almost made him fail at saving the world from more plant meltdowns!!!

Jack H said...


Justin said...

You have succeeded where Dr. Phil (and every other guru I have gone to) has failed. Your point is noted and I can see the foolishness of getting involved.

P.S. Jack Doesn't scare me.

P.P.S. I'll probably still end up calling Chloe, but don't think that in anyway undermines the soundess of your advice or my appreciation of it.

Justin said...

That makes me wonder where they are going to be burried. In some kind of containment unit?

Justin said...

Jack H:
Justin K

Gordo said...

Joy would like to offer herself up as a trade. Her for Chloe. That way maybe Jack will not come after you. It is for your protection.