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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Wish for Unthinking Solitude

You have been reading other people’s blogs haven’t you?

“I know that you have deceived me. I know because there is magic in my eyes.” (Kafka)

It started with what, clicking on NEXT BLOG, in the upper right hand , didn’t it? And then what?

Sure perhaps the first couple of times you spun the wheel of chance, known as the NEXT BLOG feature, and you landed on one of my other blogs. But soon, almost improbably, you found blogs that weren’t mine.

Is that why you haven’t been commenting on my blog? It’s exhausting isn’t it, trying to read so many blogs?

One thinks of Hans Brodenstien’s famous thesis in theoretical geography: “…Land …masses…drift….a…..part”

Do I quote a bit much for your taste? At times like this it is hard to find the right words.

Maybe we just need some time apart.

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1 comment:

silent T said...

you never comment on my blog, so we are even!