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Thursday, February 23, 2006


I'm fully aware that millions of you rely on COI as your daily humor stop. And who can blame you? Humor, insight, genius can be found here---on the comments page.

Those of you who visit COI for a bucketful of mirth, may want to skip today's post. For it is tragic.

Most of the FOIA papers I was to fill out and show you--the ones that would reveal the innermost depths of my soul--are no more.

While I was stuffying my belly with Jelly Beans, the aluminum foil lined room was warming up thanks to the some dozen space heaters I had left on. The short version of this tragic story is the room acted as an oven. I was gone, eating jelly beans for several hours and when I returned all my papers had turned brown and crinkly.
A first time observer would have guesed that this was the room of my estate where I housed all of my bacon and shrinky-dinks. To that person I would have to say, "Intruder! That room is in the West Wing! Now, leave before I call the police!" This may seem harsh, but I am a recluse and do not invite anyone on to my estate.

And then I would return to my Blogging Room (located in the N.E. wing) and try and figure out how I will explain this to my public and my government.


WIP said...

oh you poor poor dear what ever willyou do ???

Mind Curry said...

so sad..i thought the aluminium would just make your FOIA papers more crispier.

april said...

Have your manservant take care of it. Isn't that what he is for? I am sure they have some sort of cream or what-not to fix that sort of thing.

april said...

Oh, btw, is that a Mr T shrinky dink there? I pity the fool who sticks that in the oven...

jessica said...

love your blog. love your antics. care to read mine?

yeswell said...

that must have smelled awesome.
in the VH1 sense of the word.

Justin said...

WIP & Mind curry:
Thanks for your support. That's what I need right now, more than anything.

Justin said...

april: You will be pleased to know that on the They Might Be Giants Podcast (episode 3) there is a song or two devoted to Mr. T.

Listening to podcasts is how my manservant spends his day, rather than doing things like fixing messes.

A shame.