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Friday, February 10, 2006

Deep thoughts

Friday. Friday is the day I work for ETS or do school work. At minimum, I would ordinarily write in the morning. But I did lots of schoolwork this week and ETS didn't put me on the schedule. I was up late last night writing a masterpiece which I than through into the fireplace.

I guess since the fireplace doesn't work, that masterpiece is just sitting there.

Anyway, today left me free to lead the life of the intellectual, pondering whatever comes to mind. Somedays it is good to withdraw from the world, seeing what the world has to offer, if you don't go running to blogspot first thing in the morning. It is as Aristotle said: to be practical is to serve an end; to be impractical is to be free.

For instances,I thought about jabba the hut. In his own way, he is pleasant to look at. Sometimes we get so caught up in making money and making sure we have enough air in our tires that we forget about the stuff that really matters.

Also, I took a nap today.


=^..^= said...

Hi Justin!

You've been tagged. Here are the rules.

1) Go into your archives.
2) Find your 23rd post.
3) Post the 5th sentence (or closest to it).
4) Post the text of the sentence on your blog along with these instructions.
5) Tag five other people to do the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Is that my buddy Dan's comment? The "Cheerio" gave it off. When are we watching more violent mafia movies Justin? By the way, Jabba the Hut isn't as bad looking as I thought. Greetings,

Yen said...

I randomly happened across your blog, and was drawn by the pic of my dear friend, Jabba. As you have already confessed that you are not a terrific speller, I thought that I'd help by letting you know that you "threw" the papers into the fireplace, not "through" them.

Anonymous said...

I demand you take the picture of me of your website.

123543jf said...

i don't see how you can say that in his own way, jabba the hut is pleasant to look at. but i like the aristotle quote.

Zadar said...

I was wondering if you were hiring for any foreign correspondents? You and your blogs are getting pretty popular. I think it's time to go global. Peace.

Sphinx said...

Nice blog.

Congrats on your nap!lol

JohnX said...

Concept of Irony? I've got one for you. Your mispellings are those equal to a writer on the 7th grade level. More often than not, those who claim to be intelligent because they tout themselves for knowing the meaning of "irony" are often proven to be the most idiotic of the populus.

Justin said...

Hi Anonymous:
The picture of jabba? That's you?

Justin said...

Hey 'Zadar':
Who names their kid Zadar? But that's not the point. I acutally am hiring global correspondants. The good news is I don't require any one working for me to spell real good. The bad news is that the only opening I currently have is for Croatia. Let me know if that works for you.

Justin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Justin said...

Hi Johnx:

You write “Concept of Irony I’ve got one for you.” Unfortunately you proceed to give an EXAMPLE of irony, rather than a concept. Of course blogging is just something to do for fun, so feel free to ignore my comments on your other mistakes.

You write, “Your misspellings are those equal to a writer on the seventh grade level”
Is there a hierarchy of misspellings? Are the misspelled words of a graduate student more intellectually satisfying than that of a kindergartner? In your mind would you compliment someone by observing his or her misspellings “are that of a Nobel Prize Winner in literature?”

Is there a standardized test for misspelling? Would you want to score high or low on such a test?

“more often than not” Is there a study on this? Just curious. What is the margin of error on a study like that?

“most idiotic of the populus” I’m just wondering. By populus do you mean the Sweet White Crystalline substance’ or the genus of tree? Ha, ha!Of course, I’m being sarcastic here. I know that your comment should have read, ‘the most idiotic of the populOUS.’ Get it? You misspelled a word. No worries! We all make mistakes.

Interesting fact. Even if you had spelled the correct word, you would be misusing it.Call me Bill Safire, but I think you might have meant of the population. Population is a noun, populous is an adjective.

Take Care!

Dream said...

actually populus is a noun, and it means the public. so that works. however, johnx, you are an arrogant idiot, and i'm sorry you were right. it would have been much more satisfying to call you some more names. dumbass.

Justin said...

Hi Dream:
You raise a good point, but wouldn't the noun be populace? Populace means the public and is a noun.
I didn't actually check my oxford english dictionary because I like to blog while in bed, and my OED is in the other room.

Lisa said...

If we agree to use the OED as a standard, “populous” and the variant “populus” are in no way defined as a noun, so Justin is correct.

However, since this is such an important matter, I do have to wonder why the online edition of the OED was not consulted immediately …?

Justin said...

Lisa: Sorry I didn't email you back yet, but I must respond immediately to your comment.

OED online requires a prescription of like a $300 dollar per anus.

Also, allow me to say that if I scented some irony in your 'in such an important matter'than be warned: conceptofirony takes wordification seriously and whants to be as accurate as humanily possible.


Lisa said...

To subscribe does cost that much, but to access it...not necessarily. If you care about words as much as I do, then you would know that anyone with a library card (or possibly connections to the correct college's databases) could access the OED online - for free.

And, would you expect irony from me or just plain sarcasm?

Justin said...


I do specifically remember having you in my class, and saying that you were and I quote, the most straightforward person I've ever met. Thus your irony/sarcasm dichotomy presents a false dillema.

Also, about the OED. I said Per ANUS. That's good writing.

Lisa said...

Lol, I noticed that... And, in the comment before, you said "scented" instead of "sensed". But, I let those kind of things slide, because I appreciate the fact that you have to save the true genius for the masterpieces that go into the fire.

However, feel free to throw in a comma after your introductory clause occasionally.

(Is that the straightforward nature you were referring to?)