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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Rules of the Game

The person who guesses my eye ailment will win a dinner with me (one of the top bloggers in the fourth quadrant of the Heights area) at Chipotle.
1. For some reason the fine print is either the same size or larger than the above print. Please Disregard this discrepency, which is not legal in nature, but do to my deficient knowledge of HTML.

2. Participating locations include: Legacy Village, Coventary, or Cedar/ Warrensville. Maybe this is flexible, but not by much.

3. This is VERY important. I will only accept entries which are written as comments and include your name.
3.a I mean it's cool if you are a first time visitor to send me an email gushing about my writing and insights, and exaggerated sense of self.
3.b. But what the heck, what is with all the emails I get which begin with elaborate reasonings as to why you don't want to comment. I mean, that's fine too, because I'm lonely, but if you do that this time you aren't entered into the contest.

4. Conceptofirony acquires rights to take photos of the Chipotle Date, if it seems cool and entertaining to do so.

5. Basically, the first person who posts it wins. Maybe it will be a group thing, but let's not push it, because conceptofirony is on a tight budget since we found out that we aren't really getting paid.

6. If I don't know you, then that' fine, as long as you are local. Be advised, that security preparations began years ago. Your kidnapping attempts or whatever you have WILL fail.

7. My mom is disqualified, as is my dad. My sister, however, I'll have to think about. Probably O.K.

8. If you guess the eye-drop medication we are talking about throwing in ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. Be advised: The first person who gets both ailment and medication is awesome. Or a stalker. Anyway, this person wins regardless of time of posting as long as they post before the contest expires.


silent T said...

I guess trachoma, which is caused by the bacteria Chlamydiae trachomatis. It is the main cause of blindness in the world, so keep taking applying that antibiotic ointment. My second guess is pinkeye, and my third guess is gonorhea in the eye.

Dr. silentt

Curtis said...

I will have to guess that it is Cellulitus. Either that, or you are just a giant wuss and it is simply a Stye. And to that, I shake my finger at you. If it is the latter, you are a horrible, deceptive person attempting to minipulate your readers by fabricating a story about your eye!....................I hope you have Cellulitus.

stephan said...

According to WebMD, you have toxoplasmosis, which you got from playing with cat feces. If you don't apply your balm, you'll get "inflammation and involvement of the brain (meningoencephalitis, see Meningitis and Encephalitis), lungs (pneumonitis), heart muscle (myocarditis) or liver (hepatitis). In rare cases, the eyes may be affected (retinochoroiditis), leading to visual impairment." Watch out, "your developing fetus also is at great risk of becoming infected and suffering serious complications."

Marissa said...

Could it be the proverbial EYE OF THE TIGER ? I hope so because I'm really hungry!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a pencil in your eye?