With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More about Hair

Get it?

I will be focusing on my hair today.

Please use your alloted conceptofirony time to reflect on how you might contribute to the Cause.


silent T said...

i like your hair short, so I am protesting your cause.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for giving me extra time to think. I actually had a good idea about this one. Have you ever considered a medically induced coma? I must admit that I stole this idea from someone, but I think a coma would be perfect for growing out your hair. Also, according to a comment from the other day, it may actually improve the direction of your blog.

Best Regards,


stephan said...

I think everyone should have a list of things that they would like to do in the event they go into a coma. Mine includes: (1) get tattoo; (2) get a tan; (3) go skydiving; and (4) learn a foreign language. All the stuff I am afraid to do in a conscious state.

Justin said...

silent t may be protesting my cause, but at least she isn't ignoring me.

silent T said...

I am going to be like cindy Sheehan, and start protesting outside your house. You will wish that I was ignoring you.

Justin said...

I assure you that as long as you stay on the outside, we will have no problems, and I will be greatful as ever for the attention.

P.S. Why isn't kati commenting any more? Are you turning her against me. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

I also like your hair short, but that's neither hare nor there.

silent T said...

pYou and kati were getting to friendly, and that can't happen. Next thing you know, we will all go out for coffee and you guys will do your little literature speak the entire time and I will cry in my coffee. No, it can never be.