With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Welcome to my Web Log or ‘Blog’ for short.

Right now it isn’t much to look at. Like Seinfeld, this blog, is about nothing.

The similarities with Seinfeld end there. But Justin is planning vast and sweeping change. Until Justin initiates the Blog Renovation to End All Blog Renovations, the blog has links to some of his other works. Just look to your left (my right, if you imagine I am the webpage) under the heading, 'Writing is easy.'

You are not impressed?

I know that you are tempted to never look at this blog again. But I believe that would be a huge mistake.

Maybe a little story will help to illustrate.

Once there was a little boy named Bill Gates. His friends used to call him Billy. A lot of the kids made fun of him. But do you know who that little kid grew up to be?

Bill Gates! The Bill Gates! The real rich guy from inventing computers or something!

So that story just goes to show you that sometimes a little kid (or blog) can grow into something really rich and powerful (like a rich and powerful blog).

Thank you for reading.


Justin said...

Great work on cafe irreal. And what a wonderful post today.

Shoot. I don't think I logged off.

Anonymous said...

Please stop using my name.

Bill Gates