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Monday, October 31, 2005

Remembering The Meaning of Halloween

It is so easy to forget the meaning of Halloween, especially since the meaning is wrapped up in a complex network of social, cultural and religious beliefs, many of which are no longer accepted by the general public.

Why do we use the phrase, ‘Trick or Treat’? Why do we force our children to wear costumes, which aren’t even vaguely persuasive as costumes? Like those real cheap ones that come with 1) a cardboard mask of the incredible hulk 2) a plastic smock that has a picture of the incredible hulk lifting a car over his head and then you go to someone’s house:

YOU: “Trick or Treat”
THEM: “Well, what are you supposed to be? A kid with a picture of the incredible hulk on? Like a billboard, are you?”
YOU: “No, I’m the incredible hulk!”
THEM: “Clearly not, I can see the picture of the hulk. Why would the incredible hulk wear a picture of himself? And what is it that you are wearing? A garbage bag? When I think incredible, I don’t think ‘a garbage bag’”

So, Halloween is very complicated. But if there is one thing that I think everyone agrees on, it is that Halloween is a time to think seriously about the direction of your blog. And quite frankly, the direction I want to take my blog is in a five-day format rather than a seven-day format.

I hope this will allow me to increase the overall quality of each entry or at least take up less time.

I know this is scary for you guys, but that’s why I wanted to break it to you on Halloween.

Now, go get 'em--what are you?--a guy with a picture of a tiger on their garbage bag smock.

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