With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


A Brief History of the Remarks section.

In the beginning, I wrote all of the comments on this blog.

This was because, to quote a line from an unpublished work of mine, “I lost all of my friends through abuse or neglect.” Left alone, I wrote good and bad comments alike. I didn't necessarily enjoy writinge one kind of comment more than another.

But recently a surge in friends have made it unnecessary for me to leave comments.

Just look at the past week: unprecedented amounts of comments. Of course to find these gems you would have to dig through the comments of previous posts.

As a service to you, the likeable but frankly lazy reader, here are some highlights of what is happening in the remarks section:

~ Comments asking other people to comment
~ Someone read my Yankeepotroast piece and liked it!
~ Various kinds of K, Reliant & Relient some being cars, other being rock bands have been confused by yours truly.
~ Continued interest in Andrew’s Lunch with speculation that he eats Tuna. (to be discussed in an upcoming feature)
~ Kati enjoyed the cell phone piece.
~ 'Bout time someone reads those pieces. I work really hard on them.
~ Big T poured his heart out about his severe incontinence problem, which I later removed because I didn’t think that would be appropriate for my readership to read about since over half of my readership reads while eating lunch.
~ Rachel’s refusal to comment on my blog or anything since the Great Sestina Fiasco of Last Week, which resulted in her changing her name to Frank.
~ Concern about the legitimacy of using emoticons, about which let me say that if you have read the cell phone piece, you may use emoticons or gibberish or whatever you would like to comment on my blog.
~ Ana Z. Hegel has kept an extensive correspondence with me, but has taken a sabbatical from writing comments. These will be collected in Philosophy with Flava: The Kahn-Z Hegel Correpsondence. The stuff on ‘50 cent’ is priceless or worth at least the face value of fifty cents

So keep up the good work. I'm pretty sure any day now I'll be implementing a Nobel Prize like award in literature for the person most gifted in comments.

If you guys leave this blog up to me than I’m going to just let it go down the tubes. Please comment.
If not, I’ll end up resorting to linking to silly videos about
Plaid Ninjas.

Or a video called Yes Man. If you don't think this is funny, I'll refund your money.

Or this
Be warned kids. There is a bit of the adult language in that second video. I never heard the words before, but I think they are naughty. I usually only hear them in Rated R movies or when my little sister is around (who showed me these videos).


Justin said...

Great job on the html links. Did you spend like an hour trying to work out the problems with linking to those videos? Because if you did it was totally worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I do what I can to make your blog more interesting. And please don't let everyone think that I use foul language all the time, I am usually far too drunk to use those kind of words.

kati said...

i do not have an emoticon handy for truly joyfully laughing out loud, for that is what this post made me do. i suppose i could use an acronym, but i can't bring myself to do that. it's a slippery slope, you know? maybe it's a harmless intention, wanting to show you how amusing i find your writing, but before you know it, i'm using 'lol' as a verb. i'm sorry my friend, i just can't take that kind of a risk.

Justin said...

I haven't even had a chance to respond to your previous post. I feel like you are putting more work into this than I am.

For which I am greatful.

Should I put you on the header or something? Because really I don't even deserve the credit any more.

And I don't think that is just my inferiority complex talking.