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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Most Rockin Rock Coverage Ever (Part I of V)

Saturday night I went to see the MxPx/Reliant K show at House of Blues.

Basically, the last concert I went to was the Monkeys/Weird Al show back in 1984.

So this was pretty exciting: My first adult rock show. In honor of my experience rather than be cynical and aloof and ironic, I'm going to really open up my heart and mind to you, the dear reader, as to my experience at the show.

To begin, let me address widespread concern that I was only going to a rock show in the first place to make a good impression on Avril Lavigne, who I have a longstanding crush on: Yes, that is one hundred percent completely accurate. I guess my thinking on this one was a bit muddled, because I kind of thought the Rock Community was much smaller than in fact it is. I didn’t see her.

Second, allow me to just jump in with some shrewd observations I've made about Rock, Rock Culture and Rock Shows:

Shrewd Observation # 1

Rock is very loud. As evidence, I give you conceptofirony's first Rock Show Inspired List:

A fairly complete list of people who yelled at me Saturday night:
1. The Man at the Parking Lot when I said the sign says ‘$3.00 all day’ and he said This Don’t Look Like Day to Me. He had an excellent point, and while I was tempted to correct his usage as other lots made a day/evening distinction, I didn’t, because I was going to a rock show, and rock isn’t interested in revenge.

2. The lady who worked for the House of Blues, who informed me I was in the reserved area, AND I SHOULD GET OUT NOW.

3. Everyone who tried talking with me, just because of the sheer volume of the music. Luckily I’m not that popular and hardly anyone talked to me, except for a man named ‘Mark’ who may or may not have introduced me as a talented UNPUBLISHED writer.

4. This isn’t really another person who yelled at me, but let me just say this whole unpublished writer thing, Never Will I Let Go.

To Be Continued

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House of Blues security said...

unpublished writer or whatever, that still don't give you rights to the seated section. guys like you--you make my job a pain in the a**.