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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Long Titles Stink: Special Supplement

I don't want to mention names but a lot of you are unaware that a rich source of literary works is the comments section of my blog.

So, I'm bringing the comments section to you.

Below is a recent comment from the comments section:

Dear Concept of Irony Human Resources Department,Can you please tell me how many regular (i.e., daily/weekly) readers you have? Thank you. Anonymous.

Dear Anonymous:
Thank you for your recent comment. Because we recieve so many comments we regret, being forced to send you a form letter.

On the other hand isn't a form letter appropriate to someone who is anonymous?
According to our statistics, which are currently on some Carribou napkins, conceptofirony typically recieves between 500 and 600 hundred pages views a weekWe believe that one viewer may make mulitple page views.

What this means is that on the weekends 20-30 people peruse our pages, whereas on the weekdays we tend to get 30-40's.

The highest in a day is about a hundred, usually after Justin publishes something.

We are currently taking suggestions for expanding our readership, or even in improving the quality of our current readership.

Thank you for taking the time to write.

Buzz K.
HR Manager


Anonymous said...

pure garbage

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In terms of garbage, yes PURE garbage is best.

However it is still inferior to
spic and span crapola

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